Safe & Nutritious Food @ Home


Eating safe and nutritious food is our shared responsibility and it begins at home.

In India, most people still eat food that is cooked at home. Thus, behavioural changes about food safety and healthy nutrition should ideally begin at home. With many people living in small and nuclear households, families no more get wisdom of their elders about food that is passed on from generation to generation. Most people do not have access to food safety experts and nutritionists. Thus, most of the homemakers are on their own at the mercy of multiple and often conflicting sources of information on safe food and nutrition.

This initiative of FSSAI is aimed at filling in this gap. This would have useful and practical tips and information about food safety and nutrition that Indian households need on a day-to-day basis. This website would be a one-point credible source of information and good practices regarding food safety and nutrition.

  • Creating Resources on Safe and Nutritious Food
  • Disseminating Knowledge on Safe and Nutritious Food through community outreach
  • Providing Training on Food Safety and Nutrition

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Launch of the Safe and Nutritious Food at Home (SNF@Home) Initiative
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