Safe & Nutritious Food at Resturants


Serve Safe in Restaurant

In today fast moving life, when eating out has become inevitable, majorly because of lack of time, more social gatherings, availability of world class delicacies; ensuring safe and nutritious food to the consumer has now become out mostly important. Serve Safe is an initiative under SNF to ensure that safe and nutritious food is being served when you eat out at restaurants, dhabbas, canteens or at any other catering establishments including event catering. Serve safe is being ensured through 3 major activities namely, Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) Training, Food Safety Display Boards (FSDB) and Safe and Hygienic Food (SAFH) Rating of Restaurants.

  • 1. Food Safety Supervisor (FSS)
  • 2. Food Safety Display Boards (FSDBs)
  • 3. Become a Responsible Place to Eat
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