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CrossFit Games 2022 Day 3: results and leaderboard

CrossFit Games 2022 Leaderboard: Day 3 of the 2022 CrossFit Games had the athletes a bit worse off than they should have been as they had to compete on Day 2, which was scheduled as their rest day. The postponement of the outdoor event on Day 1 due to rain had them running with heavy weights and doing blockbusters in record time on Thursday.

By not having time to recover from the first day of competition, the athletes had a chance to prove who really deserves the title of “Fittest on Earth”.

Ricky Garard managed to maintain his position at the top of the men’s rankings, followed by Justin Medeiros and Roman Khrennikov. Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr was able to recover from what appeared to be a disastrous first day to take the lead from Mallory O’Brien in the women’s division. O’Brien is a close second while Emma Lawson is in third place.

There were three events during the day, called The Capitol (featuring heavy pig flips, running and loaded pull-ups), Up and Over (featuring inclines, jumps, sit-ups and weighted lunges) and the Echo bike.

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2022 CrossFit Games Day 3 results and leaderboard

Individual Results Women

1Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr697
2Mallory O’Brien653
3Emma Lawson650
4Haley Adams605
5Danielle Brandon576
6Kara Saunders430
7Matilde Garnes411
8Baylee Rayl349
9Paige Semenza387
10Arielle Loewen566

Individual Results Men

1Ricky Garard681
2Justin Medeiros656
3Roman Khrennikov635
4Jeffrey Adler532
5Patrick Vellner531
6Saxon Panchik528
7Samuel Kwant510
8BK Gudmundsson501
9Noah Ohlsen494
10Jayson Hopper476

Team Results

1CrossFit Mayhem Freedom552
2CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue537
3CrossFit Invictus519
4CrossFit Mayhem Independence504
5CrossFit Reykjavik480
6CrossFit Selwyn417
7CrossFit Omnia Black390
8CrossFit Overtake Team Density381
9CrossFit Taranis Lifetree372
10CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy360

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CrossFit Games 2022 Day 3: Twitter Post

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