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Anupama 10 March 2023 Written Episode

Younger Anu returns home excitedly with Anupama and Anuj. Ankush and Barkha ask where did they go. Little Anu comes to her ashram in Mumbai in a private plane. Ankush says she must have enjoyed it a lot. Little Anu says she met her friends, shared gifts with them and also enjoyed the beach. Maya walks to him. Anuj says he enjoyed the school picnic.

Maya calls little Anu to her and caresses her. Little Anu excitedly shows off her clicked selfie. Maya asks Anuj and Anupama if they went to the ashram without informing her to collect evidence against her. Anupama says that the whole world does not revolve around Maya only, and if they had to collect proof, they would have to do it before Maya goes around little Anu. Maya says sorry, she felt.. Anupama says she knows those who break others’ trust, they don’t trust others easily, but they should try to trust others. Anuj asks Anupama not to spoil his mood and asks her to freshen up as they will enjoy coffee together and then go for dinner.

Maya says she is leaving on the morning flight as she is not getting the night flight, so shall she book a hotel room or stay here tonight. Anupama says she can stay back and go in the morning.

Maya thanks him and starts a conversation with little Anu. Anupama curiously asks Anuj whether Maya will go without Anuj or with him. At the Shah house, Pakhi, Adhik, Kinjal and Kavya get ready for Anupama’s birthday party at the dance academy. Hasmukh says he is tired and hence will stay at home and take care of Pari. Leela asks why Anupama and Anuj didn’t call her and Vanraj if they are her enemies.

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Hasmukh jokes that Leela hates 3 things, common sense, good manners and Anupama. Leela says he always makes fun of her. Vanraj asks if they have invited only youths, why is Kavya going. Kavya says because they invited her too, would have invited her too if.. Leela asks them not to take Toshu with them. Toshu says he wants to go. Samar says they will take care of Toshu. They all leave saying goodbye to him. Leela says that Anupama intentionally did not invite them. Hasmukh asks why they would spoil his birthday by inviting her, he doesn’t either.

Anuj hosts Anupama’s birthday party and introduces the birthday girl to the guests. Anupama comes out wearing a suit instead of a saree. Anuj dances with her on the Neela Dupatta Yellow Suit.. song. Everyone joined them. Kavya says Anupama is a great mother.

Anuj says she gets happy seeing her kids and says he doesn’t want any problem today and so a party is arranged in dance academy as Anupama feels positive vibes here. Kavya wishes Anupama a happy birthday and says her heart was heavy thinking whether she did a mistake by telling them about Maya, but she is god they both are looking normal and everything is fine. Anupama and Anuj nod in yes. Pakhi says that she and Abhi made cake for him. Anupama praises Adhik for correcting Pakhi. More say that he first tried and introduced the cake. Anupama says this is the best cake as her kids have prepared it.

Anupama further says that they will cut the cake together. Anuj says it is impossible as so many hands cannot hold a small knife. Anuriddha enters with a bouquet and a big knife. Kavya introduces her as her friend. Anirudh says he always respected Anupama as his sister and came uninvited, whether it was a surprise or a shock to her. Anuj says surprised.

Anupama welcomes him. Everyone cut the cake together. Anuj notices Kavya and Anirudh’s equation and asks Anupama if there is any problem between Vanraj and Kavya. Anupama says Vanraj does not change. Anuj says second marriage brings the burden of first marriage, Vanraj should understand this. Anupama hopes that everything will be fine between Vanraj and Kavya. He saw little Anu sleeping and decided to drop her home. Younger Anu asks Anupama to enjoy her party. Anuj says he will drop little Anu home with Barkha and Ankush and come back. Anupama agrees. She expresses her love for little Anu and bids her goodbye.

Back home, Anuj tells little Anu that he will change her dress and put her to sleep. Younger Anu says she is a big girl and can handle herself and asks her to go. Anuj insists. Maya comes in and says she will take care of little Anu. Younger Anu hugs Maya and tells Anuj to go and enjoy Anupama’s party and let Maya take care of her. Anuj returns to the dance academy.

Anupama asks Anuj if little Anu slept. Anuj says Maya is taking care of little Anu, they will return home as soon as the party gets over. Anupama asks if Maya will take little Anu away. Anuj says let’s not talk about it now. Maya starts crying in the house. Younger Anu asks why she is crying. Maya says she is leaving from here. Little Anu asks why.

Maya says she has to be brainwashed saying that Anupama has 3 kids but she has only little Anu. She shows the pictures of the party and says that her mother is there enjoying with her kids and brainwashes her saying that her parents always fight because of Anupama not spending time with her kids. Can’t spend, etc. Little Anu silently listens to her. Maya thinks he has to do this to take her away from here.

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