Anupama 10th August 2022 Episode Written Update: Shahs Question Kavya

Anuj and Vanraj were taken to the hospital. Anupama and Ankush wait outside the ICU, hoping that this wouldn’t have happened if Ankush had stopped her from going out. The doctor comes out of the ICU. The Shah’s family asks how Anuj and Vanraj are doing. Doctors say that their condition is still critical.

Kavya asks what the medical team is doing. Ankush asks the doctor to save his brother and does not care about the cost. Anuma shouts that Anuj is not only her husband but her everything and asks him to save her. Doctors say that the next 48 hours are very critical for the patient and he may need several surgeries. Samar asks if both will be saved. Doctors say they cannot say anything at this time and ask both the families to complete legal formalities to facilitate the treatment.

Hasmuk said he would sign a consent form. Tosh stops him and leaves with Ankush. Leela and Kavya cry on Anupama’s shoulder.

Kinjal cries after hearing this news. Dolly insists on taking medicine and milk for the baby. Pakhi puts little Anu to sleep and says that after the accident, little Anu was very scared and even when she was sleeping, she was calling Baba.

He fears for Vanraj’s life. Kinjal comforts him. Edik arrives at the hospital. Ankush asks where he has been and asks if he has done anything as both Vanraj and Anuj were having problems. Adik denies, he talks a lot but doing it is not literally a crime. Kinjar calls Anupama and asks what is going on there.

Anupama informs what the doctor said and asks him to take care of all of them and little Anu. Kinjar says Paki takes care of little Anu and others for whom Dali and Jiganesh exist, so she should take care of herself.

Leela and Hasmukh are worried about Venraj and Anuj and feel sorry for Anupama. Anupama sees Anuj’s photo on her mobile and tells her heart. He comforts himself and says that Anuj is a hero and nothing will happen to him.

Ankush calls Barkha but she doesn’t tell. Tushu tells him that he has signed Venraj’s statement and asks him to sign Anuj’s statement. Anupama stops Ankush and says she is reading form.

Edik says I don’t know what the form says. Anupama says she knows the meaning of every word like this and signs it. He tells them nothing will happen to Anuj and Vanraj. Then he goes to Samar and asks him to bring medicine for Hasmukh and Leila.

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Ankush thinks about how the incident happened. Anupama recalls getting a message from Venraj that Anuj wants to meet. Kavya recalls following Anuj and Venraj’s car. Ankush says Kavya has been to the accident scene before, so she knows what happened there.

Hasmukh says how they fell off the cliff when Venraj took Anuj there and their car was safe. The whole family insists on Kavya if they know anything. Kavya recalls the incident. Anupama consoles him and asks him to talk. Kavya says both were angry. Tosh asks if they had a fight.

Ankush asks if Venraj tried to kill Anuj or pushed him off the cliff. Leela yells at Vanraj if she gets angry because of his claim. Toshu defends him. Anupama asks them to keep quiet as everyone doesn’t understand her silence and reveals what happened. Kavya says she followed them. When he got there they were already standing on the edge of the cliff.

Just then, a doctor came out of the ICU and asked the nurses to put more staff in the ER because the patient’s condition was so critical. Everyone is asking what happened. Leela prays for Vanraj.

Anupama asks him to pray for both Vanraj and Anuj. The doctor asks them to step aside, goes to the OT and performs the surgery. Hasmukh opens up and says that everything can change in an instant.

Samar says that life is so unpredictable that you meet someone yesterday and the next day you realize that person is no more. GK calls it life. Each explains that life should not be taken for granted. The surgery continues.

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