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Anupama 11 March 2023 Written Episode

Maya tells little Anu that she thought they all could live happily together, but now it is impossible. Little Anu asks why? Maya says Anuj and Anupama will fight because of her and hence she will leave from here, but she cannot live without him. She says that he used to die every day when she dropped him off at the ashram; Anupama has many family members including 3 children and younger Anu, but she is single; Hope he should not have left little Anu in the ashram. In Anupama’s birthday party, all the couples dance to the song Kuch Na Kaho… Younger Anu asks Maya how she will live alone. Maya says that while she can stay alone for his sake as she just wants to see him happy, she is ready to cry and moan in pain for his sake and will just wait for his call often. She acts breaking down in tears. Anuj and Anupama dance enthusiastically on the song Phir Lagja Gale Ke Phir Yeh Haseen Raat Na Ho.. Everyone claps for him.

Maya emotionally blackmails little Anu and asks God that he has taken away every relation from her and how difficult it is to be alone. She says that if her daughter is not with her, she will die of suffocation. Younger Anu assures that she will stay with him, if her parents fight because of him and support Maya then she will not stay here. Maya laughs and thanks him. Anuj and Anupama return home laughing. Anupama hugs and thanks Anuj for celebrating her best birthday. Anuj thanks her for marrying him or else he would have remained a bachelor for the rest of his life. They look at each other and keep on laughing. Anupama comes to little Anu’s room and calls Anuj in shock. Anuj goes to her and asks what happened. Anupama shows little Anu’s empty closet with a goodbye note. They both feel devastated.

Hearing Anupama’s screams, Barkha, Ankush and Dimpy run to their room. Anupama says how can Maya do this, shakes Anuj and makes him conscious, and says they should go and find little Anu. Ankush asks what happened. Anupama says Maya took little Anu. Anirudh drops Kavya home. Kavya reads Dimpy’s message, goes inside the house in shock, and informs the family about Maya’s eloping with little Anu. Anuj calls his contacts and orders them to locate Chhoti Anu and Maya as soon as possible. Ankush says he checked the surrounding area but he could not find them; Maya used multiple cabs to avoid CCTV coverage. Anuj lives in panic. Anupama thinks she cannot panic and needs to remain calm. He gets a call from Maya. The Shahs showed their anger towards Maya’s heinous act. Hasmukh feels worried for Anuj and Anupama. Leela says how will they know whether little Anu herself went with Maya or Maya took her by force. Samar says kids can be easily manipulated. Leela accuses Anupama of helping Maya stay at home and taking little Anu away. Anuj gets a video call from Maya’s number. Anuj asks where she is, why did she go without telling them, and he will come to pick her up. Younger Anu asks her not to come as she herself went with Maya and is very happy, they will go far away.

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