Anupama 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Rakhi tells Toshu that Rakhi didn’t inform her about Toshu’s affair, but she did find out nonetheless. She plays Toshu’s friend’s recording and asks what it is. Anupama warns him to tell the truth, or she will destroy him till he is black and blue, who is this girl and since when is this happening ?Anuj thinks it’s been a while since Anupama took Toshu to the ceremony, and he should go see it.

Toshu admits he has a girl in his life but doesn’t love her. Anupama asks why he sent this message. Toshu asks why she wants to prolong this matter if Rakhi remains her mother. Rakhi asks how she can have a non-Kinjal girl in her life and warns her not to deviate from the topic. Toshu agrees that Kinjal had met her girl 3-4 times and had an affair with her because she was pregnant and had health problems. Give her time, she talks to his girl and then rest so she can understand.

Anupama says he doesn’t want to misunderstand anything and wants to hear from him. Toshu says that whatever happens between a man and a woman happens when she is happy about it.Anupama breaks down upon hearing this and remembers Vanraj’s relationship with Kavya.

The shah enjoys snacking. Leela asks what Anupama and Toshu have been doing for so long Kavya says let’s go and see. Rakhi says leave instead and walks towards the room thinking God knows what must be going on there. Anupama asks what happens in the room is not life. Men easily share their lives.

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This kind of incident burns down a house. Toshu says he is not in a serious relationship so nothing like that will happen.Anupama says he used to chant sacred mantras in his ears when he was a child. He is worse than animals, a stain on their upbringing. She was proud of the way she raised herself, but Toshu broke her myth. How could he have committed such a great sin?

Toshu says he did nothing wrong and didn’t like Vanraj, who cheated on him while he was married to Anupama and brought the girl home. He had desires like everyone else and when he couldn’t get what he wanted at home, he said he found it from outside.Rakhi said Anupama assisted Kinjal hesitate to enter the room, considering whether to Anupama reprimands

Toshu for his cheap way of thinking, saying that women talk to him like her mother. His justification is what he did because his wife was pregnant if Kinjar did the same to him. Hearing that, Touche furrows his brow. Anupama asks if he feels sick after hearing this. Kinjal will have to live her whole life with this truth.

She continued to tongue-lash him, saying he had an affair before her father, who fell in love with her. She gives a long speech about her feminine nature, her feelings, what he wants from her husband, that he does not respect not only his wife, but also his daughter, etc. And he said that as a man he had done nothing wrong. will kill or commit suicide.

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