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Anupama 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Anuj Feels Let Down

Leela performs Anuja’s nazar and asks Anupama to perform his nazar every day. Hasmukh says that God gave Anuj new life. Anuj says it’s because of Vanraj. Vanraj says anyone would have done the same in this situation. Anuj says not everyone is like that, because even close people in trouble reveal their true nature, his brother betrayed him and his enemies supported him. Vanraj says the same will be true of Anuj. Anupama thanks Vanraj for saving Anuj’s life. Ankush’s tongue is whipped to make Barha’s conspiracy backfire. Barkha asks why she supported her in preparing her legal papers, and her now backs off. Ankush says they will be there soon. Little Anu says his mustache uncle/Banlaj looks good when he’s not mad. Vanraj says he can play with it. Anuj has a new life, so he offers to reduce his anger and stop fighting.

Rakhi mocks that Barkha should be ashamed of him. Barha warns her to shut up.
Rakhi says Anupama ruined Barkha’s plans. Barha says she would have won if Anuj had not escaped her coma thanks to his luck. Rakhi says Anupama is Anuj’s luck and Anuj will not spare her family now and soon they will be on the steps of some temple. Shas decides to leave. The GC says he will bring them sweets decorated with Little Anu. Leela teases Nagin/Rakhi and Barkha by saying that they both look like soulmates and that Rakhi should stay with Barkha in this house. Rahi laughs at the fact that Barha herself has to leave this house and that Little Anu will sing “Rain, rain, go away”. Barha yells at her.

Leela whips her tongue about her Barkha’s plot and says Anuj won’t spare her. Kavya and Hasmukh ask her to calm her down. GK gives Rakhi and Shah’s family a gift in return. Vanraj taunts Ankush and Barkha that they were right from the start. They say it is a disgrace to the name of the family and that they must leave the Kapadia house before Anuj kicks them out. He has known her Anupama since she was 26 and says she is her real person and no intrigue of her can beat her. Ankush tells Barha that the job is done.

Anupama puts Anuj on the bed. Anuj says whatever happens today. Anupama says she won’t speak her, and she lays on his shoulder.
The next morning, Wanraj trains his legs. Kavya asks if she can help him. He doesn’t appreciate it. Kavya apologizes to him for not trusting him as her wife. Wanraj says you shouldn’t believe anything blindly. It’s all thanks to her for her support, even when in doubt. He feels sorry for Anuz, who is experiencing physical and mental chaos. Kavya says God knows how Anuj handles it.

Anuj has breakfast with Little Anu and Anupama. Enter Ankush and Barkha. Anupama sends Little Anu away. Ankush and Barkha try to talk. Anuj asks them to leave. Barkha says they were worried about him and suspected Vanraj. Anuj, they were worried about themselves, not Anupama and Little Anu. Barkha and Ankush say they were worried that Wanraj would control Anupama and take advantage of the situation. Anuj says he is not interested in talking to them and asks them to leave.
The GC reports that the doctor has arrived. Ankush and Barkha leave. Pakhee meets Adhik and confronts him about her sister’s misbehavior towards her family. Adhik says her sister is doing things out of her control and that even Pakhee misunderstood her family many times. He asks her to not let her relationship deteriorate due to feuds in her family. She calms down and agrees.

Doctor examines Anuj and says that her recovery from her coma is amazing and asks her not to put up with her stress. Anupama comes out to drop him off. Little Anu plays with Anuz and asks Ankush and Barka what happened. Ankush says there is no stress. Anupama asks her doctor about precautions. He informs her that Anuj may need some time to adjust her body and mind and that she needs to be careful with him. Ankush and Barkha go to her. At Shah’s house, Toshu chats with Vanraj. Samar goes up to him and says he’s never said anything like this, but today he wants to say he’s proud of his dad.
Vanraj hugs him emotionally. Samar says not everyone risks his life to save a stranger, but he’s proud of himself. Hasmuk says even his father is proud of him. All of them have a family hug.

Ankush and Barkha apologize to Anupama and tell them what they did. Anupama says she doesn’t want to know anything and they’ve pushed the limits. She doesn’t want to upset Anuj. They ask her to convince Anuz to stay there until she finds another place to live. Anupama will not follow what they did, she says. Anui wanted them to leave before the accident and she was skeptical, but he was right. Better if they stay away from us. Ankush asks where he will take Sara and Adhik. Anupama says this is Anuj’s decision and she cannot change it. After they conspire to take over the business empire and kill it, they must stop acting like victims. She said the doctor had advised Anuj not to stress, so she couldn’t help them anymore because she wanted to focus on his health and happiness.

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