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Anupama 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update, check now

Mrs. Leela asked Anupama Anuj Kapadia not to return to Shah’s house. Anupama was surprised. Leela says she wants everything for herself but no one gets everything and she has to sacrifice something. He CITES the example of Kanhaji moving to Mathura and leaving Gokul without returning to Gokul. He asked Anupama to come back and be happy with her little daughter and her husband. Vanraj says that Leela is mumma, there will be more problems because of Little Anu. Will Anupama not come here, will there be no war in this house, will they live happily without any problems, will Leela stop her tantrums, will Vanraj stop fighting, will Toshu change his behavior, will Pakhi change his behavior, etc; if all these things together will last 2 glasses; they can not insult him and take the blame on themselves. Vanraj says there will be at least one reason among many.

Anupama says that she cannot live without meeting her children. Vanraj says his children don’t want to meet him. Anupama said there will be a fight between mother and children. Vanraj asked him to keep his lecture here and do it at his house. Anupama says she will not stop meeting her family. Kavya says that as soon as Toshu and Pakhi have a problem, they will look for Anupama first. Kinjal supports Kavya and reminds Tosh that she wants to abort her child. Toshu asks Anupama to leave this house holding her young daughter’s hand. Anupama breaks. She gave a long explanation about the difficulties of being a mother. She explains how she is blamed for everything and says she is not ashamed of being little Anu’s daughter and the mother of her other 3 children.

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Little Hasmuha said mummy sent them because they had to fight. Hasmukh says he doesn’t know. A few say that even in the ashram they fight and end the sad problem, the foolish elders continue their anger. Hasmuh thought he was right. The little one says that he won’t let his mother cry. Anupama continues her explanation and says that this is all for her and she is in every corner of this earth, so even if everyone tries to stop her, she doesn’t stop coming from here. Vanraj says he is giving a lecture and has to get out of here. Anupama continues his work. Vanraj says that he is only worried about his young daughter, even Kinjal. Anupama says she came here for Kinjal. Kinjal says yes and then Paakhi starts with some pleading words. Leela says it’s because Anupama got angry. Vanraj warns Anupam to get out or else he will kick her out of the house.

Anuj enters and warns Anuj that he can dare to touch her. He consoles Anupam and says that Anu is good enough to handle everything, but now as he is empathetic, he will answer them on his behalf. He asks Vanraj what he said. Vanraj asks him to stop his college boy attitude and take his wife from there. Vanraj says he will leave whenever his wife wants and tells Anu that this person does not deserve tears. Vanraj says that the palace is worth Anupama’s tears, so he should take his wife’s hand and take her away from him. Vanraj says he will leave after counting his sins. He confronts Pakhi for insulting his mother. Paakhi says that her mother and her mother are talking rudely so she should not interfere. Anuj says he didn’t welcome Pak in Kapadia house like his mother didn’t welcome him here and if he sees him there, Adhik will be on the street then Pak will see Adhik’s back or his rich lifestyle.

Vanraj said that no one can speak harshly to his daughter in his home. Anuj says no one can talk to Anu and if not Anu and Hasmukh, Shaan will demolish his house. He says that he also destroyed the palace of Vanraj. Anuj says that brick and mortar construction is not important to him as he values ​​Anupam above all. Vanraj says that both of them have to play this drama. Anuj says that Wanraj did not respect his first wife and now he does not respect his second wife. Kavya says she deserves better things. Vanrfaj warned his family that he would stop being angry or he wouldn’t know what he could do. Anuj asks her to write a list and send it. The drama continues with a clash between Toshu, Vanraj and Anuj. Vanraj urges Anuj to take his wife and young daughter from there.

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