Anupama Upcoming Story Twist: 21 October episode written update

Anupamaa is an Indian Hindi-language television drama series that premiered on 13 July 2020 on Star Plus. It streams digitally on Disney+ Hotstar. Produced by Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi under Director’s Kut Productions, it stars Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey. It is based on Star Jalsha’s Bengali series Sreemoyee.

Anupama Upcoming Story Twist: 21 October episode written update

Lila collapses. Anupama asks her to calm down. Otherwise, her health will deteriorate again. Leela lets her health go to hell, and says she wants to marry Pakhi and get rid of her before she can no longer ignore her family. Anupama says she doesn’t have to discard Pakhi. Barkha believes she wouldn’t have allowed Lila to talk about her marriage if she hadn’t been ill. Anupama says that Park Hee hasn’t finished her studies yet. Leela says Pakhi has a degree at the resort, but she just wants to get rid of it. Anuj says that boys and girls should be compatible and their kundal/horoscope should also match. Pakhee had previously had problems with her and Adik and she now says she’s married to Adhik at any cost. Wanraj warns her to stop her reckless behavior and orders her not to leave her home, she doesn’t go to her college from today.

Frustrated, Pakhi suddenly runs into her room and locks the door from inside while Kavya tries to calm her down. Pakhi calls Adhik to inform him that Wanraj has learned of their conduct and has banned her from her college. Adhik says she is an adult with the right and voice to make decisions about her own life. Park Hee says she is right and asks how she will meet him now. Kavya is afraid that Pakhi will hurt her.
Ankush and Barkha say they will leave now. Vanraj warns them to control the boy. Otherwise, you may not like his explanation. Ankush tells him to control his daughter. Otherwise, Wanraj may not like their style of making daughters understand. Barkha and Ankush leave.

Anuj remembered the men’s party some time ago and told Anupama he was wrong. Now everything will be fine and their life will be full of only happiness. But she has nothing to worry about because everything will be fine soon. Anupama weeps and comforts her. He shows her her tamarind candy and tells her that she missed her yesterday and that the candy remembered her. Anupama thanks him. He continues to comfort and encourage her.

Addict and Parka’s conversation continues as Samar enters Parka’s room and hangs up. Adhik thinks someone must have come. Samar scolded her for not supporting her behavior, but said that she is always with her because her happiness is the most important to her. Pakhi thanks him and says she really wanted to hear it. Samar asks if it’s love or antipathy because love is another emotion. When he met her Nandini he knew she was her only one, so if she’s sure about Adhika. Pakhi is convinced of it and said it before he thought that first love was the cliché of seeing Tosha, Samar, Anuj, Dagger, and more.
But now she understood what that meant. She asks why they can’t get married when Anupama, Dolly and Dagger marry for love.

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Anuj returns home and tells Adhik that the situation is very bleak. Adhik says he really loves Pakhi and wants to marry her. Anuj knows what first love is, so he wants to prove that it is love. He needs a job at Adhik’s company. His sister and BIL don’t support him and he wants. Anuj would at least support him. He revealed that trapping Pakhi and using it against Anupama was part of their tactics. Anuz gets angry and asks who else it is. Adhik says Barkha and Ankush. Ankush and Barha hear this and are nervous. Samar explains to Pahi that life is unpredictable and you must prepare for what happens after marriage. He is sure that her younger brother will always support her.

Barkha takes Adhik aside and asks Anuj what nonsense he is talking about. Adhik tells Anuj that it was their plan to use Pakhi when they saw Anuj hand over the power of the Kapadiya Empire to Anupama. They knew how close Anupama was to Pakhi and wanted to take advantage of the fall of the Kapadiya Empire through Pakhi. He says to him because he truly loves Pakhi and her love has completely changed him and he is no longer part of this plan. Ankush says Adhik was right. Now that Anuj knows all the truth, he is alive. Barkha asks him to stop.
Ankush says he can now lead a peaceful life and that if Barha causes trouble again, he will cut ties with her. Barkha asks Adhik whose plan it was. Adhik said it was his plan, but Barkha was equally involved. He asks why he cannot lead a normal life. Ankush says Barkha manipulated him. Barha says she did it for them and Sarah. Ankush tells her that it’s no use. Ankush looks at Barkha with an angry expression

Anupma Cast and Real Names

Sr No.Role NameReal Name
1AnupamaRupali Ganguly
2Vanraj ShahSudhanshu Pandey
3Pakhi aka SweetyMuskan Bamne
4SamarParas Kalnawat
5Paritosh aka ToshuAashish Mehrotra
6KavyaMadalsa Sharma
6Hasmukh ShahArvind Vaidya
7Leela ShahAlpana Buch
8Kinjal ShahNidhi Shah
9DevikaJaswir Kaur
10BhaveshMehul Nisar
11Kavya GandhiMadalsa Sharma
12School PrincipalAnnu Kapoor
13AlpaaSarita Joshi
14Varsha (Dolly)Ekta Saraiya
15Sanjay PatelParesh Bhatt
16Mrs. Parul SharmaPayal Kapoor Nair
17JigneshShekhar Shukla
18Kinjal DaveNidhi Shah
19Nandini IyerAnagha Bhosale
20Mrs. Rakhi DaveTassnim Sheikh
21Anirudh GandhiRushad Rana
22JilmilBhakti Chauhan
23Pramod DaveFarukh Saeed
24KaminiTulika Patel
25Siddharth Desaika SidVivaan Singh Rajput
27Yogi Adhvait KhannaApurva Agnihotri
28GeetaNot known


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