Bade Acche Lagte h 2 Written Update, 22 August

The episode begins with Ram asking what he wants. Shubham thinks Ram Vedika and I didn’t hear her say to her. He says Ram has some money ready for you. Priya says they threatened me. Vedika says we have to do what you say because we need you. You falsely accused Nandini. We’ll put up with it for Ram. Ram said you did a lot for me and my family. I won’t let you and Pihu leave empty-handed, but please don’t threaten my family. he is coming Priya is sad. Nandini says he thinks you win, but I won’t let you win. Priya says I won’t let Ram down. Nandini asks how.

Ram is angry. The minister said, “Sorry Ram, I misunderstood you, your family is beautiful, everyone is connected, you support your friend’s marriage like a brother, I can’t doubt your honesty. Your wife is our is where you see the loving couple, their relationship gets stronger, they get over their problems, the conversation gets upset, they solve all the problems, no interview is needed right now, but the media can get angry, an interview will be held. We sign the contract tomorrow after Janmashtami aarti Priya and Pihu can do arti You are lucky you don’t leave Priya talking and solving problems Ram is thinking of trying to talk to Priya he I see Krish with her.
They say there is nothing to save. Pandit asks who will perform kanyadan.

Adi refers to Bhaya and Bhabhi. Mira asks Pihu to call Ram. Pihu asks Ram to come and perform kanyadaan. It will bring him a good reward. She reached out to Priya Ram. Ram leaves her hand. khair mangda… .plays… Vikrant and Sara perform the Varmal ritual. Pandit asks Ram and Priya to come forward for Kanyadaan. Ram and Priya recall the time they got married. Ram, as I think, thinks this shouldn’t be the case. If Pandit asks Ram to give Sindor to the groom, the groom will kill the bride’s mang. Fifhu defeats Sindor. it falls on maang priya

Vikrant fills Sarah’s net with Sindor and puts on the Mangal Sutra. Ram looks at Priya. Pandit tells them to do Gatbandan. Ram and Priya are holding the cloth. Pihu binds his hands and apologizes. Ram tells her not to scold her. Vedika asks Shubham for something. He says it’s a matter of the day. Chrissy says I’ll help. He releases Ram and Priya’s hands. Vikrant and Sarah attend the wedding. Priya thinks I have to save Ishaan and Pihu’s future, and wants Ram to know that Pihu is his daughter. Pandit says the marriage is over. Everyone applaud.

They photograph everything Pihu says I made a promise to Rama. Priya rubs her neck and says that I never cheat and never lie. Ram thinks differently than me. Ram drives out Pihu’s evil eye and gives money to the servant. Priya asks if we can talk. he is coming she goes to talk Krish asks Ishaan not to worry. Preeta will take care of it. Ishaan doesn’t think Priya will pay for my deeds. Priya says you haven’t seen the full truth. Ram said he heard your threat. Now you will reject it. She says you didn’t hear what they told me. Both are arguing and crying. Ram says we lost Shivi. She says she loved her even when I lost her.

He says you pushed her, and she died because of you. She says it was a mistake. He says my family put up with it. She says everyone is patient and sorry, but they…he says they are afraid of you and thinks other things will go wrong. She asks if you don’t see the fear of my daughter. everyone hates me I’m here to help you. Why don’t you understand this?

He says you are kind. She said yes, this is not a drama for my daughter. She has become attached to you, and it will be difficult to take her away. Relationships are not my business. He says it’s Pihu, not this deal, that I’m worried about. She says she cares about you, and she doesn’t think she wants to leave.

He says he will not reject her. I am not her dad. you are her mom You tell her her to her. She says I have endured separation and hatred. He says you don’t need to stay. You are leaving now. I will speak with Pihu. she asks we are rags You asked me to take money and leave. What do you think of us? He says it’s your right. I do everything honestly.

She asks why my actions aren’t fair, He called you a liar. That’s not fair. She says I fought them and she doesn’t care who I’m leaving here for, but she thinks for whom. He says you called my mom a liar. That’s a lie. You are a liar. When Pihu arrives, Priya says she is not lying.

Arrival at Maitree. Fihu has an argument with Ram. Priya asks Piha to listen. Ram says kids don’t understand a few things. Priya says he’s right. please leave Fihu refuses, and he will apologize first. She is mad at Ram.

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