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Bade Acche Lagte hain 2 Written Update,1 September

The episode begins with Priya asking Krish to wait there without saying anything to Pihu. she leaves Ram is in his room. Pihu comes and asks if you want to spend time with us. he laughs He says you probably won’t go anywhere. He thinks it’s best for Priya to talk about it. She asks if she needs more help as to why Priya didn’t tell me why I was sleeping. Ram tells him to calm down. He says your eyes look too weak. sleep now She says you put me to sleep. he says he’s fine go to sleep He puts her to sleep. He thinks you want me to be your mom’s charming prince. I promise and will give you a lot of happiness. Bedica approaches him.
He says she is sleeping. She says Ishaan is missing. Priya didn’t want to tell you, but she knows you are close to Ishaan. he is coming Brinda comes to the doctor and asks about her report. Someone just took it and you said you sent it. She says no. Who took it? He says a man came to collect the report and was upset about it. She thinks Adi is here to report. She calls Adi. She offers to tell you whether the DNA test matches or not. He says yes. She really asks. thank you She thinks I should tell everyone the truth and never send Priya anywhere. Our mistake is to believe her lie. Priya asks Ishaan to stop for her. She asks the police where to tell and forgets the past.
Sarah weeps for Ishan. Don’t worry Ram. He tells him nothing will happen. She asks him to promise that he will always protect Piha and Ishaan, even if he gets angry with Priya and her. he promises he leaves Ishaan says I have to. You and Pihu have already suffered a lot. I must give up. Then she won’t tell Pihu the truth. Priya asks who said that. He remembers how Vedika stopped him. She asks him to go to the police and reveal herself. He says you have a chance to harm Priya and Pikh. She says no, you are smart. I offer a deal and confess to a crime. Then I will disappear from their lives. Nandini will not tell Pihu the truth. You don’t want to return Priya’s happiness and save Pihu from the past. It could ruin her life. FB exit. He says Vedika was right. Please do that.

Ram tells why Priya went to the police and what she does there. he calls priya
He says Priya also wants our family to go to. I’m on my way. Ishaan and Priya argue. He says you don’t believe me. Let’s get you and Ram together. Priya says I trust you, I love Piha, Ram and me and I want you to unite us. Ishaan asks why don’t you want Pihu to stay with Ram, she is his daughter, his own blood. Ram hears this and gets shocked. Ishaan asks why do you want to make them apart. Ram says Pihu is my daughter, but Priya told… Priya says Pihu is my daughter, I lied to Ram, you think I have hid truth because of Shivina’s accident, I don’t want to stay with Ram, Ram and his family sent me to jail for that accident, his family hates me, you think they would love Pihu, no, they would hate Pihu even more, they would hurt my daughter to hurt me, I didn’t want my daughter to stay there, I have no regrets. Ishaan says no, you are lying, I know you love Ram, so you got Pihu here, you knew this truth could come back, why are you thinking to stay back on Ram’s saying, I heard your and mom’s talks. She says no I can’t stay with Ram Everyone thinks I’m a killer Ram wants me to stay when she tells me to leave Then Nandini and Shubham know that Ram knows I don’t trust them tell me how i can stay if my daughter see this they will always insult me ​​she will be happy no i don’t want my pihu to grow up there i won’t let ram know that pihu is his daughter so i stop you . Ram thinks I misunderstood Priya. Not Ishan, he says. Priya said it was a drama. I wanted Ram to close the deal. Ishaan asks why you came here.
Priya said I felt guilty and wanted to reduce my guilt and he did us a favor by sponsoring your research. Now the score is even. I will pick up the spear and leave. Ishaan asks about Ram and Pihu. She said he made the deal. I wouldn’t let him know that Pihu is his daughter. We will come back to our lives, right. She thinks I lied for your advancement. She asks Ishan to come home. She promises not to tell Ram that I’m calling Krish. Isan promises.

Ram thinks Priya should be ashamed. he is coming Isan returns home. He apologizes to Sarah. Sandy asks why you said you would never come back. Mira asks Ishaan to tell her what is bothering her. Priya says she was worried that this drama would end and she would be left alone. Sara says I am Ishaan’s mother and she always will. You are me and Vikrant’s first person. i love you
Ishaan apologizes, I was emotional, thought Priya and Pihu would leave, Priya and Ram would be together. Sarah says yes, she will accept Ram’s offer. Priya says no, I won’t stay. What does Sarah ask? Ram remembers Priya’s words. He wonders why you lied to me and why you distanced my daughter from me. Fihu is coming Ram is crying.

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