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Bade Acche Lagte Hain Written Update: 18 August

The episode begins with a conversation between Sandy and Pihu. Brinda waits for Ram to take a hair sample for testing. She thinks Priya will tell Sara everything for sure. She hugs Sarah. She asks Sarah how she is feeling. Sarah says she is happy even when she is stressed. Brinda says we should go and have a drink. Ram and Priya return home. Pihu says I should talk to you. Priya thinks I persuaded Pihu. Now Pihu is attached to Ram and he has asked us to leave. Pihu says tomorrow we will celebrate Janmashtami. Nandini is coming. Nandini and Priya mock each other. Pihu says we won’t go tomorrow. Priya is coming
Ram thinks she’s making me a villain. Pihu goes and makes her say yes. Ram is coming. He asks why he wants to celebrate Janmashtami. Priya says you told me to take Phi-ha.

She asks why she asked Pihu to congratulate Janmashtami and leave. Ram tells me why I should be bad for her eyes. she goes Shubham comes and asks Ram. You asked her to leave her and the minister was there and had an interview scheduled and persuaded Piha. Priya would not agree. Brinda says Pihu doesn’t call Krish his father. Sarah says she doesn’t call Priya her mother. Brinda asks why Priya didn’t marry her first love, Krish. She says Sarah.

Brinda says she’s sorry. Our friendship will no longer be broken. You will be my best friend’s wife. Sarah promises me
Brinda promises her and gives her a hug. Pihu runs to Krish and hugs him. Krish says you look happy. Good news. What will she ask tomorrow? He says Janmashtami. She said Ram would like us to do it. He thinks I won’t be able to come tomorrow. Brinda thinks I’m pretty sure she’s Ram’s daughter. Ram says Pihu told me she likes Laddu gopal and she wanted to celebrate her way I could reject her. Priya thinks. You wanted us to help you. You will be interviewed and then left. You must break your promise to Pihu. she goes Brinda comes to Ram and tells him that you are gray-haired. He says they call him Gray. She pulls her hair out. he is screaming
She says you are getting old. go now he is coming She says I have a sample of Ram’s hair. I’ll figure out what I think is right and wrong. Pihu asks if her mother agrees to stay. Ram Says I Will Convince Her Of Her The minister is watching. Shubham asks if he spoke to Priya. Ram says Shubham also wants you to stay away. Priya comes to Pihu to apply Haldi to Sarah. Vedika comes to Kanika. Kanika says they pretend but look like real family. Vedika says to wait until the family is over. Nandini tricks Ishan and lets him go. She asks Shubham to do whatever happens. She asks someone to play the music.
Adi is coming. Sandy says Maitri is not feeling well. She will come right after her wedding. We’re going to pick up Sarah. Ram asks Priya to stay tomorrow for Pihu. Minister, I think I’m wrong about you. Priya says the deal is everything. Ram thinks, and she thinks I’m doing everything for the deal. Ishaan reads the message in the mirror. This is the face of the killer Shivi. He gets nervous and leaves. Vedika laughs and thinks he was scared. Sarah comes to find Haldi. Everyone is dancing at Kal-ho-na-ho… playing… Ishaan leads Krish to the room to show him the mirror. Chrissy doesn’t see anything. The mirror has been erased. Krish asks Ishaan to calm down and gives him a hug. Ram and Priya face off
They are all dancing. Mira applies Haldi to Sarah. Dean Step Yes…. Playing.. Everyone applies Haldi to Vikrant and Sarah.

Ram and Priya apply Haldi to each other. Fihu laughs. Krish comes to Priya. The doctor comes home. Ram asks what’s going on. The doctor said they called me to say I was healed. Shubham and Ram say we didn’t call you. Priya said I called and called the doctor because Nandini’s medicine ran out and got worse. The doctor said the medicine would come tomorrow. They gave me an injection. She should get it.
Nandini asks. Priya and Ram ask her to take him. Priya apologized, and I called the doctor to correct my mistake.

She leads Nandini into her room. When the minister asked what was going on, your health deteriorated that day. Priya says she knows why Ram and I broke up. The minister says so because of the incident with Shivina. Priya says yes, I admit my mistake and get punished, but Nandini still can’t cope. she is her mother What can we do? Arrival at Bedica. Priya says she takes her medication because of anxiety, but she forgot her last dose, she says. Ram says it’s my responsibility. Let Priya do it today. She knows the past will never come back. At least she can do something for her. Nandini is worried.

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