Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Priya thinking that Ram doesn’t hate Pihu. He loves everyone, so he will always love Pihu. He receives a call from the doctor’s place. Nandini asks where is he going? Priya says I am going to see Meera. He goes to Dr. Nandini. Nandini calls Meera. Meera says I am with Priya.

I can’t talk to you now. He hands the phone to Nandini. Nandini asks him to bring Meera home to discuss the marriage arrangement. Priya asks the doctor to tell the truth about Nandini’s illness. He says he takes anti-anxiety medication. He says that my daughter took medicine yesterday. Where is he? He says stay at home. It’s true. He just took a vitamin.

Why are you doing this? Meera says Nandini is sick since Sivvi left. I say yes. Doctors say he is taking prescribed medication. I think Priya is lying. He says he will reveal the truth about Nandini today. Ram asks Pihu how she feels. He asks if you are a doctor. He says the doctor asked me to check my temperature. Do you feel hungry or dizzy?

Ram says he fell because his footing was weak. He says this is a good excuse. He says I will show you, create a strong foundation and make something out of it. Adi calls Ram. Pihu greets him. Adi can also spend quality time with us. He talks about the problem what Ram asks is a conditional imp.

He offers a solution. Adi says great, you are great. He ends the call. Pihu builds a building. Ram says you are smart, Pif says like you, Ram says you forget things like me. Pihu says coupon. He says bury it or Ginny will change her mind. Then he says I own you, I will write on it and show you. He writes a wish

Be charming by reading Princess Mom’s Rom. Ram asks what? He says he will be a good prince on his birthday. He says I don’t know how. He says, I will tell you to give him a birthday surprise, he loves the rain, end his stress. He says ok, but it won’t rain as I said. He says I have to fulfill my three wishes. He says I gave him a coupon.

He says the coupon has one wish and three things. I learned this from you, will you fulfill my wish? He says yes, I am a genie, I do this.

Nandini is waiting for Priya and Meera. Sandy says this place is perfect for Holliday. Shubham says I will tell this to Taran from morning. This was originally my idea. Sara asks? He says yes Nandini calls Vedika.

He says he can fight Circe. Do as I say. Vedika asks what she wants. Nandini says she went to see him and her family is here. Priya and Meera go home. Nandini says she was waiting for you all this time. I feel sorry for Meera, she said she was late because she went to the temple. Priya says I will go and get Pihu.

Nandini thinks nothing can be done now. Priya says I will find anxiety medicine. He thinks I can go anywhere for Ram, I loved him, I won’t let anyone take advantage of his goodness. He is looking for medicine. It turns out there. He says you were scared, sorry why did you come here, Priya says you got lost. Pihu asks him to come. they are going

Pihu and Adi blindfold Priya. Vedika comes to see him. He asks if Sara is home. He says no, he went to Kapoor mansion. He wants water, he asks him to come inside. He says your life became clear after going to London.

He gets nervous and says that you were hurt because Priya went to jail. He drops the glass and asks what happened, are you okay, calm down, I understand this is just a drama, Ram will marry me if he makes a deal, Ram is his sister, he thinks how much I am lying to everyone, it is not true. It’s not Priya’s fault, she starts recording

Pihu surprises Priya. He says your prince did it, see him here. Priya looks at Ram. Ram celebrates Priya’s birthday. Kesaria… play… Pihu says cake. He continues that we will have cake. Vedika asks Ishaan to tell what she meant, Priya pushes Sivvi. Ishaan says it was an accident, but Priya… Krish comes and calls her.

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