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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pihu Goes Missing

The Episode starts with Ram and Shubham tell Pihu about the roti roll race. Pihu says I don’t eat fast. Ram says loser. Pihu says you will lose to me. Ram says I will win when I lose to you. Vedika taunts Pihu. Pihu says body shaming is bad. Tarun says sorry, the flour dough was missing. Ram asks what. Shubham says you got lazy. Vedika says Pihu is with Ram, the day is special, what do you mean, what will we do of dinner, you are doing this because Priya… Nandini says calm down. Vedika scolds Tarun.

She says I know they do such things. She asks did you steal and take the flour home. Ram asks are you understanding what you are saying, he is working since years, why would he steal roti. Vedika says sorry. Ram asks shall I go and find out the Atta/flour, do you understand what behavior it is. He argues with Vedika. He says I trust you Tarun, use fresh flour and make rotis, don’t worry, I m there. He apologizes to Pihu. He asks her to go to room, Tarun will get her food there. Nandini goes after him. Shubham also goes. Vedika says Ram got upset with me because of you, I won’t forgive you. She goes. Pihu thinks if she knows that I took the flour, then she will scold me and call me a thief, what shall I do now.

Priya makes sweets. Sandy comes. Priya calls her Pihu. Sandy says sorry, I came to have water. She asks her to talk to Pihu. She calls Ram and says Pihu likes the modaks made by Priya. Ram says I will get the sweets from the best shop. Priya says it won’t have mum’s love. Tarun comes and says Pihu isn’t at home. Priya hears this and scolds him. She asks him to find Ram. Tarun says main door is open, I think Pihu has run away. Ram asks what, did you look for her everywhere. Nandini asks him to calm down. He says my daughter is missing, how can’t I worry, sorry, I was rude, I can’t find her. She says I understand your pain, I also lost my daughter. Tarun says Vedika told me that flour is imp, I was looking for that. Shubham says Pihu isn’t in the garden. Ram says I will find my daughter. Vedika asks will you go alone, I will come along. Nandini says Ram, she is right, she should come with you. Vedika thanks her. They leave. Priya is also on the way. Pihu is on the way. She says I want to tell Priya that I took the flour to make Ganpati. Vedika says the car broke down, its not starting. Ram gets angry and gets down the car. Pihu prays to Ganpati that she gets both her parents. Ram and Pihu see Pihu and run to save her from a speeding car. They both care for Pihu. Pihu gets happy that she got both of them. Priya scolds her. Ram hugs Pihu.

Priya asks what happened, why did you leave, did anyone say. Ram asks what do you mean. Priya says she is scared, something might have happened. Ram gets the medicines. Priya and Ram argue. Ram cares for Pihu a lot. He asks Pihu to have chocolate. Priya says I just want to know, what is my daughter doing here. He asks why are you asking me, you always blame others. Pihu says I did the theft, so I was scared, I left from there. Vedika comes. Priya asks what did you steal. Pihu says Atta, its not Tarun’s mistake, I had stolen this flour dough to make Ganpati, I had to welcome Ganpati, don’t fight with my mum. Priya hugs her. She says we have a tradition, we always make such little Ganpati and paint it. Ram thinks Pihu was acting to be happy with me. He says I will return these medicines and come. Pihu says sorry. Ram cries. He sees Pihu. Pihu says I want to be with you, please. Ram says she doesn’t like me much as she likes Priya. Vedika says you are Pihu’s dad, its your duty to take care of her happiness, make her feel that you can give her more happiness than Priya. Ram asks Pihu to come home with her. He says give me one more chance, please, I promise you, I will make this fun. Pihu asks shall we all go, mumma also, I want both of you, its Ganpati puja tomorrow, its my fav festival. Vedika says your fav festival was Janmashtami, right. Pihu says I like all festivals, everything gets fine when you both are together.

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