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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain written update, 2 August 2022

The episode starts with Ram traveling to a remote area. He asks for the location of the store. He says the lane is as narrow as my car will go in. She asks the man to go to the store and get a dress. He says I will pay the money. Man says sorry it’s your job go do it. Ram asks for water.

She takes a pill and says I am feeling anxious. The man says there is a way where there is a will, just go. Ram says perfect, it will rain. Meera says it was rainy season, I thought I will slip, I wanted to see Priya happy. Ram says my 80,000 Kč shoes are not 80 Kč now, how will I cross this pool. He remembers Pihu and Krish.

Priya asks how will I face him, I didn’t initiate it, Ram initiated it. Nandini scolds the servant that the carpet got spoiled. Ram comes and says it happened at my shoes. She asks Tarun to give the carpet for dry cleaning.

Nandini says you hate dirt, where did you go. Ram says it is raining, don’t worry, new carpet will come before the event. She thinks he is hiding something, it is related to Priya and Pihu. Priya thinks why did Ram spoil his expensive shoes. Pihu sees the dress and says wow, I will thank Krish for the new dress. Priya comes and asks how did you get it, I showed you the picture.

Pihu says yes, I have sent the picture of the drawing to Krish. Priya says Krish and you planned a surprise, thanks a lot, it’s the best surprise. She hugs Pihu. He sees Rama at the door. Ram goes. Priya thinks Krish didn’t get this dress, Ram got this for me. Pihu goes to call Krish.

Priya remembers Meera’s words. Sandy comes in and sees the dress. He asks who got it. Priya says Ram got it from me, his shoes were muddy, I know he went to that flooded place and got it for me. Sandy says finally your prince charming got your dream dress. Nandini looks and worries, she thinks I have to do something, I will talk to Ram, the function will start now.

Vikrant welcomes Sara’s family. Sandy thanks Shubham. Sara says we should start the mehendi function. Pihu is coming. Sandy asks are you ready to see Priya in her dream dress. Pihu nods. Ishaan says I want Priya to stay happy like Sara.

Brinda asks Sara to make Vikrant do all the work. Vikrant says I am ready to do anything. He asks Ishaan to come for help. She thinks she will give a gift to Ishaan. Sandy asks Sara to sit for the mehendi. Shubham says ministers and media have come, where are Ram and Priya. Sandy says I will go get them.

He asks who will attend the ministers. Adi says I will do it. Vedika asks Maitri to go and call them. Adi says tell the ministers about Priya’s surprise. Nandini taunts Vedik. He says that Ram got a dream dress for Priya and then he will throw a party for her. Vedika says I am doing what you told me, tell me what to do, now I have to attend Kanika. She is going.

Priya wears the dress and thinks Meera’s words are true. She turns and her dress accessory gets stuck there. He hears footsteps and asks Pihu to come and help. Ram comes and helps Priya. He turns and says thank you. She sees him.

Mujhko itna bataye koi….playing… Ram asks can I. Ties a dress string. Maitri comes and calls them. Vedika says I sent Maitri for Priya. He sees Ram coming. He asks Kanika, are you ready. Kanika nods and shows the bottle of oil. He stops Nandini.

He pours oil on the floor. Nandini thinks she will ask Ram why he got the dress for Priya. Vedika thinks now Maitri will fall down the stairs like Shiva’s fall, then Priya will know how dangerous the blackmailer is. Maitri thinks they both love each other. Maitri asks Priya how she is. Priya says my leg is fine now.

Maitri asks her to open the blindfold and see love, Ram and Priya make love. Priya thinks this can’t happen. Maitri asks why, can you tell Ram that Pihu is his… Priya remembers Nandini’s words. She says no, please try to understand my situation, I don’t want Pihu to know the truth, Ram and I are not together, I have accepted it, you also accept it. Maitri says ok rest, I don’t like to see you both gone, I took your pick once, I feel weird. Priya says you did good else I wouldn’t have charmed my prince, my true love.

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