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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain Written Update, 10th August, Wednesday

Episode starts with Vedika saying I came to meet Sara, she is not here, tell her I came here. He’s leaving. Ishaan hugs Krish and cries. Priya is cutting the cake. Ram and Pihu clap. Aaye zindagi….is playing…. Priya thinks Ram has always fulfilled my dreams, he gave me everything without asking, it is my duty to do something for him.

Ishaan says I don’t know how Ram will react, he will hate Priya and Piha, its because of me. Krish says its fine, sit here. She gives him water. He says Priya went to jail because of you, why do you want to reveal this secret. Ishaan says someone else knows this secret, he is blackmailing me.

Krish asks what, tell me everything. Ishaan shows him the message. Krish is shocked. He thinks someone is blackmailing Priya and Ishaan. He says it’s okay. Priya asks about Pihu’s favorite subject. Ram says math. Pihu makes fun of Ram’s hair. Priya asks what Pihu hates. Ram says her mother’s tears. Pihu is right.

Priya asks what work Ram does. Pihu says he is doing buildings and earning a lot of money. Ram says good. He says we know all the answers. He says call me other than Mr. Khadus. Says the genie. He says no. He says I can’t call you uncle. He says I look young. He asks should I call you dad as if we are meeting for the first time.

Ram says sorry, I have to call urgently. He goes. She thinks only mom and Shubham are my family, Priya broke my heart and left, she is not helping me out of love, Pihu is not my daughter. Priya asks why did you make Ram do this. Pihu says I asked Ram to become your prince charming.

Priya says maybe he didn’t want to become that. Pihu says he gave me coupon. Ram is coming. Pihu says Ram should be your prince charming, I like him, he is the best, he is perfect for you. Ram sees Krish’s call on Priya’s phone. She thinks no Krishi, I won’t let you get carried away by this moment.

Nandini’s drinks. Shubham is coming. He turns and says Ram… He asks if you were waiting for Ram. He says Vedika didn’t get Ishaan’s confession. He says Priya will leave. He says I want that recorded confession so that Priya doesn’t change her word. He says he won’t. She asks him to leave. He collides with a servant. Servant says this envelope is for Ram.

Nandini checks the contract. He says Ram gave 5% shares to Priya, sold it, gave that money to Priya. He says I don’t know. He asks what do you know. She blames him. Ram says the money belongs to Priya. Adi asks if she will accept it. Vikrant says Pihu is right.

Ram says his Priya is right about the money. Adi says you and Priya broke up because of that girl, you are giving her money for that girl. Krish comes to meet Priya. She asks where have you been all day, I was calling you crazy. He asks what happened.

It says you turned off your phone. She says no, I was with Pihu. He says you were with Ram. He says Pihu wanted to celebrate with Ram. He says you know they are doing this for a deal. He says I know but Ram is Pihu’s father, you know why you are doing this. Adi says it is for deal.

Ram says Priya said the child is not mine, it was a big thing, Shivi left the world, I will always regret losing her, I hated Priya’s child for 5 years, but after seeing Piha, I am not able to hate her. . Ram is crying. She says I don’t see Pihu traveling in trucks, I don’t see her suffering, this money is for Pihu, Priya won’t take the money, Pihu asked me to end her mom’s stress, I won’t stop if Priya stops me.

Krish says something is sending threatening messages to Ishaan, Vedika came home to talk to Sara, Vedika is doing it. He says no, Nandini is doing it, I will handle it. He says you can’t do it alone. He says you are with me. He says call me and leaves. Priya goes to Nandini.

Nandini threatens her because of Ishaan. He says I got an answer now, how did you leave Ram, you did it to not investigate Shivi’s murder case, that would reveal Ishaan’s truth, Ishaan was a minor then, not now, he was punished. Priya says well what should you do in this situation, you should have gone to police or told the truth to Ram, but you didn’t do this, you had to threaten me, I am not surprised, I expect this from you, you are not someone’s mom.

Nandini says shut up. Priya says I tolerated a lot. Nandini says I will tell truth to Ram. Priya says she will understand why I did this, I will go with you, if you think Ishaan will be sent to jail, then you will be punished for threatening me and keeping Pihu from Ram, I warn you, Ram tolerated a lot, I left.

him not to remember that accident, I brought up my daughter alone, what have you done, you won’t let Ram go on. Nandini scolds her. He says you don’t know anything, I am having panic attacks, I need sleeping medicine. Priya says that… Ram and Pihu are coming.

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