Bade Achhe Lagte Hain written update Today, 4 August 2022

The episode starts with Priya thinking that Krish is right, Pihu would be upset. Pihu comes and says Ram is bad, he forgot your birthday. Priya says his mom is not well, don’t say that. Pihu is running. Priya asks her to listen. She goes to the terrace and is surprised. Pihu says surprise, I did it. Priya asks how did you manage everything by yourself. Pihu says he helped me. Ram comes and wishes happy birthday. Priya says thanks, will media or ministers come, I will go, I will come back when they come. Ram says this is for you, not for minister or press, only for you. Bade ahhe….playing…

Pihu asks did you like it. Ram says Pihu taught me to keep promises. Pihu says Ram looks good when he talks nice. Shubham thinks he will talk to Adi and Sandy, it will be better if Priya and Pihu leave. Vedika says I don’t know if Priya read the message or not. He asks Shubham that Nandini is fine. Krish asks what can happen to her, Ram is there to take care of her, I watch out for those who can harass Priya, someone threatens Priya by sending messages. Shubham says she is helping us, why would we threaten her and get our loss. Krish says ok, my friend called me, I asked him to follow that person. Vedika says I will go. He’s leaving. Krish looks on. Shubham asks who is doing all this. Krish thinks Shubham is not tensed or scared, he can’t do this. Shubham says you gave me this information, it is bad news, I will help you with this deal, not because of Priya. Krish thanks him. Vedika thinks Krish will get to me soon, if I get Ishaana’s recorded confession then Krish will back down, Priya will be out of Ram’s life.

Ram plays Mera Rang mein song… He asks Pihu to dance. They are dancing. Priya is cutting the cake. Ram and Pihu have a cake. Pihu thinks he will go and tell Krish that Priya is happy with Ram. She is going. Priya thinks she will go or stay back. Thanks Ram. Ram and Priya dance and get closer. Krish says you came so late where is your mom. Pihu thinks mom is charming with her prince charming, Ram gave her a nice surprise, if I tell him he will feel angry. He says Priya was tired, I told her we will celebrate her birthday tomorrow. Krish says he is making an excuse. She says we must listen to her. He says I wish Ram realizes this. Pihu says Ram is not that bad that he has dream dress for mom. Krish says you always tell truth like Priya, ok we will meet tomorrow. He’s leaving. Pihu thinks sorry she is lying but mom is happy with Ram, I am confused. He sees a box of pills. Priya cries. He says thanks, you didn’t have to do that. He asks why didn’t you marry Krish when you loved him, when Pihu is his daughter, answer me.

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Priya thinks I was always of you, how to tell you this truth, Pihu is your daughter. Pavan comes and says Pihu…she ate Nandini’s medicine. He runs to see Pihu. They worry and think about being taken to the hospital. Pihu gets up and says I was sleeping. Ram says that means she didn’t take her medicine, otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten up. He says I was on medication. Priya says we should take her to hospital. Ram calls Adi and says we are taking Pihu to hospital. Priya asks why did you take medicine. Pihu says it is same as stress medicine, I liked it, you both were happy for the first time. Ram says I will help you, come.

She says Priya, you made her take medicine. Priya says no, I am giving her mint tablets. Pihu asks what, you are fooling me. Priya says no, it is stress medicine. He scolds Pihu. Shubham is coming. Ram says Pihu has eaten mom’s anti-anxiety pills, we are taking her to hospital. Shubham says amazing, media will see Ram as a good caring father. Nandini gets Priya’s phone. Read the message from Vedika. He is in shock. She cries and says Ishaan pushed Shiva, who is he who is threatening Priya, it is true Ishaan pushed Shiva.


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