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(Balh 2) Bade Achhe Lagte Hain New Episode Written Update,16 August

The episode begins with Meera saying that she should go now. Ishaan says I must work for the kobolds. Sarah says she has to take Haldi. Krish says stay with me, he don’t worry. Sandy says he may be planning a surprise for you. Sarah says she’s fine. Krish says he must surprise them now.

Ishaan says he wants Ram and Priya together at all costs. Krish takes him. Ram sits with her Pihu and talks to her. Shubham comes and watches. Ram says you can do anything with this crowd, research, adventures, cupcakes, and everything you have the right to.

Pihu is sleeping. she thanks Mr. Kadus Ram turns around and looks at Shubham. He goes out Nandini asks Priya why she is making breakfast. Priya knows what her daughter likes, she says. Nandini mocks her. She asks Tarun to find medicine. Priya says your medicine is here.Nandini asks how is it here.
She said that Priya was always kept here and there, so she had Pihu. Nandini says she should be taught not to eat what she sees. Ram asks what, I didn’t tell mom and you because it’s Priya’s money.Shubham says you have feelings for Priya, you want her back in your life, Sivi asks her Ram says he doesn’t remember. Shubham says Pihu is not your daughter.

Ram says he knows it’s Priya’s right Priya says that Pihu is Ram’s daughter. Nandini asks, “This is my home, so I do what I want.” Priya says I’m talking about Ram, she says. Nandini asks what do you mean. Priya says you know what I mean, these drugs work for anxiety, right? Nandini says yes. I have a recipe too. Priya says it’s just a vitamin, your truth has come out.Nandini to worry. Ram looks for his mobile phone. She says I know the truth about Ishaan. Priya says my memory is not as weak as yours. Nandini says you are still living in the past.

Priya says he said Ram will be happy if I stay out of his life. Nandini says he was happy until you came, why did you come back? Priya tells you to reveal your truth
Nandini says these drugs are true. Priya says go ahead and talk to the doctor. I can see the ram. Nandini, please forgive me, you are mad at me, I didn’t know Pihu takes drugs, please don’t cancel the interview. Priya asks when I say so. Nandini says it’s my fault. Sorry, I don’t have the energy to argue.

Ram says calmly, Priya won’t cancel the interview, she promised to support us, she always keeps her promise.She says I won’t say it. He asks if you have taken your medication. Nandini says I sent Tarun to find drugs but Priya blames me. Priya says she didn’t forget the placebo. Ram asks what you said was a lie. Priya says yes. Nandini only takes calcium and vitamin tablets. Your mother’s mental health is good. She doesn’t need anxiety meds. Shubham is coming.

Ram says I’ll call the doctor Priya said I didn’t really need to, so I said it was such a big deal that the doctor prescribed her an anti-anxiety drug and she didn’t take it. Shubham asks why the doctor said the dose wasn’t high. Priya said I was shocked when the doctor said there was no trace in Pif’s report, I remember seeing her medicine box in her trash. wanted the same thing. Nandini asks what you say. Ram says that’s enough. I apologize Priya, your mother is not taking anti-anxiety medication. Shubham is worried. Ram asks for proof. Priya says sheeee is proof she had no side effects, I told the doctor not to say anything, I wanted to know who changed the meds, shubham.. she asked why you did not go at that time?

It’s as Ram says. Nandini says don’t joke about my condition, it will help me forget about Sivi’s affair.Priya tells you that you are lying. Ram says nothing more. she says no
He said that’s enough, he can’t explain what we lost, but he can prove you wrong. rice field. Nandini says it can’t be done, these are my anti-anxiety pills. She says she doesn’t care if Priya thinks I’m lying, she can’t make you take my medicine. Priya said I blamed her, but I admit I was right. she takes a pill Ram asks what he’s doing. stop it.

Priya says you wanted to prove me wrong, I took the medicine and proved me not wrong. No trauma, look at me and be fine. Nandini she says she is lying. I don’t know why the box disappeared from her mother. Priya leaves. Nandini should call the doctor and ask him that he needs Priya for this deal. Ram says no, I go to her. Priya gets dizzy. she thinks why i’m dizzy

Shubham asks why he didn’t stop Ram. Nandini says Priya now knows the truth.Ram will also know these drugs are real.She remembers hearing Priya. She says I changed my meds. What does Shubham ask? Nandini said Priya is smart. I knew that, so she got ahead of her. Shubham says you are really smart and no one can convince you. An interview takes place that she is right Priya will find out that she will be proven wrong in front of Ram, but the rope of faith between them is so funny that their relationship falls apart again. increase. .

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