Bhagya Lakshmi 27 august 2022 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Lakshmi thinking Rishi has come and telling her captors that her blessing has come true and that she is grateful to her.She is coming out of lockdown. A policeman takes her to her conference room. Marishka comes over and covers her eyes and smiles. Lakshmi is called Rishi. Mariska says no to Mrs. Mariska Rishi Oberoi instead of Rishi. Lakshmi sees them. Marishka asks her if she dreamed that Rishi came and saved her girlfriend and asks her to tell her truth. Her dreams, she says, are just dreams, not real. She says you can only see him in your dreams and you will die in prison. say. She says that I will marry Rishi and become Mrs. Mariska Rishi Oberoi. Rishi leaves the airport and gets into a taxi
He asks the driver to take him to PS.

Kiran saw Ayush’s phone ringing and came into his room. Thinking it’s Rishi’s call, she answers the phone. Rishi tells Ayush that if I had been here I would not have put Lakshmi in jail and that I will go there to free her. Thank you for telling me about Lakshmi’s arrest. Kiran believes that Ayush Rishi said it all. Rishi asks why he didn’t say anything. Kiran says she is on the phone. Rishi asks her where is Ayush? She says he is in the washroom and asks him to go home. He asks if Lakshmi has returned home. She says yes and asks him to go home. Ayush comes out of the washroom and asks if this is my room. Kiran says that Rishi has come to Mumbai.

Ayush says it would be good to free Lakshmi. Kiran sees Neelam reflected in the mirror and says he is insulting Neelam by telling Rishi about Lakshmi
Neelam comes in and scolds Ayush for going against him.

She insults him and asks him to come out and leave. Ayush asks Kiran why he was secretly laughing and tells him about Nani’s words. Kiran says he would have known Neelam too if I hadn’t told him. She always says you are to blame for Marishka and me. Ayush said she understood why your daughter was like this and told her not to open her mouth. He says there are differences, I’m not like you or Marishka. Kiran says forgive your wrongdoing, says this will lose you, says God bless you…she goes. Ayush asks God when Marishka and her mother will annoy Lakshmi.

Marishka told Lakshmi that she was very worried and asked her to take this as an answer. She said it was the war that got me back my love and that I won and got Rishi back. She says I gave you many chances so that you could spend your life with your classmates with Balwinder, but you wanted Rishi. Won’t hold your hand He says it’s not your destiny, it’s my destiny

She says no one is holding the hand of the criminal and the killer.She says the two are important and could die at any moment.Lakshmi says no. Marishka asks them to follow the path of Pooja. Lakshmi says I have done nothing. Marishka says you are not doing anything, how are you going to save yourself? increase. She says that even Rishi is not there, he is in Bangalore. Lakshmi is shocked and asks if Rishi didn’t tell anyone. Marishka says no, she says why would someone help you.

Lakshmi says Rishi is coming, she trusts him and he loves her. Marishka also asks if she is dreaming and she asks if she even said she loves you in her dreams. Lakshmi says I saw it in his eyes. Marishka says you can read eyes. She asks her to read her eyes and she says she has her love for Rishi

Lakshmi says she saw your arrogance, stubbornness, vengefulness and anger, but did not see your love for Rishi. Marishka raised her hand to hit her. Lakshmi stops her and asks why she is dreaming and says that if you love him he will never be far from you. but you say you are making fun of yourself with these stories and Rishi says she had a chance to break up with you. is said to force Lakshmi says that if there was a divorce, it would have been a long time ago. Marishka recounts the wonderful, cinematic conversations you’ve learned here. She says I will see. who will win She thinks Lakshmi is confident and worries if Rishi will come. Lakshmi says Rishi is coming.

Daddy asks why he called Neelam. Neelam says the reason is Ayush. What did Karishma do to Ayush? Neelam says your son is very brave to show the courage of my back and asks you to say what he has done
Ayush says he told Rishi Bhai everything over the phone. What on earth does Karishma ask? Neelam asks Karishma to see if her words mean anything to him.She says you acted against me.

Ayush said that I admired you very much and she swore to God that she had no intention of going against you, but for Babi’s sake she was there alone. Karishma says she is your babi if the babi doesn’t see her as her buff.Ahana says mother. Karishma says she is to blame for her domestic problems. Neelam says that our happiness and peace have been lost ever since that girl came with her clumsy legs. Karishma says that when that darkness finally leaves us, he… she’s going to hit him. Is called. Daddy asks if he will hit his young son. Ayush says he can hit me as many times as he likes and then tells him that something is wrong with Lakshmi. Does he ask her to take the poison out of her mind and see how good she is? Ahana said that she was not a disadvantage to us but a blessing and that she was Rishi Bai’s wife.

Sonia asks Ayush and Ahana where the class is
She says don’t take her side. It’s an insult to us. Ahana asked what happened when Lakshmi heard me. Ayush asked her to recount the moves Lakshmi had taken against her home and they offended her. She says it is bad manners to let Lakshmi do this. Sonia says she regrets it. Ahana says she regrets it.

Neelam shouts enough and says you are our child. We loved each other very much before and now. She strokes Ayush, Ahana and Sonia’s faces and she says that something bad is happening at home. Marishka comes there and says that the media and people say that Oberoi is a murderer and they don’t know how many people he has killed in the past. I said I’m having a problem. Karishma asks Ayush if he heard and asks what to tell Lakshmi? Ayush asked where he got this latest news. we hadn’t met her. Marishka exaggerates and says that she is good enough. you tell me everything She says don’t talk to me, I don’t care. She says whatever he says to me it hurts my self esteem. She tells him no mercy for cheating
Karishma says that no one will forgive him if he takes the side of this disadvantaged girl.Ayush says she is not disadvantaged. Shout out bad luck, not in favor.

Rishi returns home and calls Lakshmi. where is she Everyone is here, but she is not there. He says she might be in her favorite place, her kitchen, and says he’ll meet her. Ayush said no and said he was still in prison. Rishi says she has come. Ayush says she is still in prison. Rishi says it’s not fun. She said she was going to surprise me and she asked me not to tell her okay. See you in the room and on the terrace. Devika says Ayush is right, Lakshmi is in jail and she is wrong. Ahana asks why it felt like she was back. Daddy asks who told you
Rishi looks at Kiran.

Balwinder sees the money and hugs him and says the other Lakshmi is fine. Rano calls Balwinder. Balwinder says he is a long breed horse. Rano says you are an owl and asks you to come with her to her PS to release her Lakshmi. What does Balwinder think is going on? Rano says you must come and free her. Balwinder asks if she is my wife and refuses to come. increase. Rano says he will bring his father too. Balwinder says he hasn’t seen her since she died. Rano says I will save Lakshmi but you will go to jail.

Rishi asks Kiran why he lied that Lakshmi was at home. He says you told me the truth. Marishka asks Rishi to speak politely. Rishi says he doesn’t need to learn anything from you. He asks Kiran why he lied. Kiran out of helplessness said Neelam no one should save Lakshmi and Neelam would be upset if you went there I lied to save you

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