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Faltu 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Kinshuk and Sid running after Faltu to apply colour. Tanu comes and hugs Ayaan. She asks him to come and dance. Sid looks on. Sumitra scolds him. She asks if you are drunk, Kanika and Tanu should not know your feelings, come and have lemonade. Sid says give me some poison, I hate to see Ayaan and Tanu together. He cries and says I want Tanu. She says I need Govind here and he is not at home.

She asks him to sit and not go anywhere until she gets lemonade. The unnecessary gets hidden. Kinshuk searches for her. Sumitra looks for Sid. Kanika holds her phone. Wastes away and brings the phone. She answers a call. Kanika comes and asks what are you doing with my phone, with whose permission you answered the call.

Faltu says I thought I would answer this from your side, it will be an imp call, you have come, you handle your phone, I have a lot of work. Kanika says stop where are you going. Faltu says I am going to meet my friends for holi, I have done all the work, I will come in the evening, take care, see you later, happy holi. She leaves.

She thinks those girls played that bad game with me at the behest of Kanika, but why, Sid and Sumitra were also talking about me, what interests them. She meets the boys of the chawl. She says sorry, I was thinking something. They ask him to change clothes, Rajan is waiting for Faltu, not Rocky. Kanika calls Vishal and scolds him.

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Vishal says I am going out of this hospital, I feel ill here, I will party and change my mood. She asks what, Ayaan is looking for you. He asks her to relax, and not to worry. She says okay, no one should know about you. She ends the call. Tanisha asks what happened.

Kanika says Vishal called and he is troubling me, if the media gets to know this then everything will be ruined. Ayan hears them and asks about it. Kanika says I have invested a lot in the academy, but whatever happens will ruin my reputation. He asks about Vishal. She says I don’t know. He says I am going to distribute Holi colors to the kids. Tanu says I will come along. He says you will not be comfortable there. He leaves.

Kanika asks who can follow me. Tanisha says that the blackmailer, Ayaan may go away from me after knowing the truth of this scandal. Kanika asks him to calm down. Ayan comes to the chawl and gives Holi colors and water guns. Faltu comes there and asks what is happening here. The boy says someone is distributing things on Holi. Ayaan looks at Faltu.

He gets shocked. Children apply colors to them and wish Happy Holi. Ayaan thinks I have to find out whether she is extravagant or not. He follows her. Clever women play Holi unnecessarily. He dances unnecessarily. Ayan smiles seeing her. She goes with the chawal seller. Ayaan asks for extra. The woman denies knowing about the extravaganza. Tanu calls him and asks him to come home. He says I am coming.

Ayaan comes home. Savita asks her to have food. Tanu and Kanika ask why he is lost and upset. He says everything is fine, I have a headache. Kinshuk says it is because of the special thandai. Kumkum pulls her ear. Savita says that’s why Ayaan was dancing alone and was intoxicated. She asks him to have food and sleep. She asks Tanu to give her lemonade. Ayaan remembers Faltu.


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