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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sai trying to remove curry marks from the apron. Nurse tells Sai that patients are waiting for her. Sai asks how can she go to the patients wearing a taut apron. Sathya comes there and asks Sai to give him the apron and says that he will take away the tension from it. Sai says she doesn’t need his help and asks him to leave. Satya asks Sai to eat the coffin bought for him as his tiffin gets spoiled because of him. He says their family business is masala and asks her to have delicious food. Sai says no and warns her to leave. He says ok and leaves.

Women from Manila Mandal come to Chavan’s house and raise slogans against the Chavans. Bhavani asks what is happening. One of the women says that they are troubling Pakhi by keeping Sai in the same house. Bhavani says it is none of their business and no one had any problem with Sai’s stay. The ladies ask her to find out Virat’s current wife whether she has any problem with Sai staying. Pakhi comes there and introduces herself then she says that she has a problem with Sai’s stay. Bhavani asks why did he involve Mahila Mandal people in his house matter. The women of Manila Mandal say that they will not leave until Sai leaves the house and gives Pakhi her due. Virat comes there. He asks how Sai’s stay is troubling Pakhi? He says Sai is living for my daughter. The women say that their daughter can stay with them. Virat reprimands them by saying how they don’t care about other women’s rights. He says my daughter wants to live with her parents so we cannot ruin it and it is good if you guys don’t get involved in our matters otherwise I will arrest you guys as DSP. The people of Manila circle ask Virat to solve their issues on his own. Virat says no injustice is happening here and you guys are taking a check of 4 lakhs here and Mohit told me earlier.

Rani and Sai are discussing the matter. Rani sees Satya roaming around the hospital premises with a lady on her bike. Rani comments on his behaviour. Sai supports Satya and asks Rani not to think about him.

Ninad asks Pakhi why did she involve outsiders in her house matter. Omi says Pakhi has crossed the limit. Everyone shows their disappointment. Pakhi says wow, you guys are saying that I made a mistake by involving outsiders in the house matter but you guys are silent on Holi day when Virat called Sai as his wife and you guys enjoyed it. Pakhi says Virat gave me this idea. Virat asks what. Pakhi says yes, in your drunken state you asked Sai to fight with other women for her husband and I am following it, listen to me my husband is mine and this house is mine and Sai is not to stay here. Can Pakhi says this is my house Virat and you are my husband and you have to fulfill my wishes as well and I am not a furniture to be used and thrown away. She says if she wants this situation not to be repeated in the house then make sure to send Sai from this house and you have to do this before returning from the factory. Everyone gets shocked.

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