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What Are Third Party Applications? How to install in android? Beneficial or not?

Your friend has a great Android App. Which you took in your Android Phone.
And you quickly started installing it on your phone. As soon as you tapped to
install the app, a message like this came in front of you.

This happens often. When we try to install an Android App taken from an
Unknown Source (Third Party Source). Then our phone shows us this
message. Because Android Phone does not install any Third Party Apps
without your permission. And blocks the installation of Third Party Apps.

Now in your opinion, the same question must be going on: why is the
installation of Third Party Apps blocked? And How Can I Install Download
Apps From An Unknown Source In My Android Phone? Before knowing the
answers to these questions, we need to know one thing: why do these third
party apps remain blocked on Android phones?

Why Are Third Party Apps Blocked in Android Phones?

There is already an App Store for installing apps in Android Phone, which is
named Play Store. Most Android users install apps for themselves from here.
Because this App Store is Android’s own App Store. The app which is not in
this app store is considered as a third party app or Unknown Source App.

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Actually, when we use an Android Phone for the first time, then we have to
add a Google Account to it. And the Play Store is also made by Google itself.
Therefore, when we install any app from the play store, those apps get
installed directly. But, when we install Download Apps from any other Android
App Market, then our Android Phone considers it as Unknown Source. And
does not consider the apps downloaded from here as secure. All this is done
for our security.

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It was about why third party applications are blocked on Android phones. But, now
we go ahead and know how to unblock third party applications? And how to install
Download Apps from Unknown Source?

How to Install Third Party Applications in Android Phone?

It is very easy to install Third Party Applications on an Android Phone. You have to
follow some easy steps. And you will be able to install Third Party Apps in
your Android Phone.

So let’s know how Third Party Apps are installed in Android Phone?

Step: #1 – Open Phone Settings
Step: #2 – Go to Security
Step: #3 – Go to Unknown Source
Step: #4 – Give Permission

If you follow the above four steps carefully one by one, then you will be able to
easily install apps on your Android smartphone from other app stores other
than Play Store. Each of the steps are being discussed below for your

Step: #1 – Open Phone Settings

After unlocking the Android smartphone you are using, first tap on the phone’s Settings. This is an app that manages your phone settings. The icon of this app is something like this (⚙). You have to tap on this icon.

Step: #2 – Go to Security

After opening the settings, you have to tap on Security from here. You will find
the Security option in the Settings menu. And it is present in every Android
version. So, you won’t have much trouble finding it.

Step: #3 – Go to Unknown Source Option

How many options related to security will be open in front of you. From here
you have to search for “Unknown Source”. When you find it, enable it. Just
below it you will see something like this written – Allow installation of apps
from unknown sources. It means you have reached the right place.

Step: #4 – Give Permission

Now you have reached Unknown Source. From here you have to give
permission to install third party apps. For this, slide the button in front of
Unknown Sources to the right. After enabling App Installation from Unknown
Source, a message will pop up immediately after. From here you tap on OK.

As soon as you tap on OK, Android Apps from Unknown Source will be
installed in your Android Phone. Now you will be able to easily install any
Third Party App without any Security Alert.

Keep one thing in mind. Do not be worried after giving this permission. Do not
install any unknown app on your mobile phone. Otherwise, you can get stuck
in great danger. Give this permission only if you do not find the app in Play

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