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Imlie 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Arto telling Imlie that he will confront Akash for his bad deed. There Akash gets happy thinking that he finally put the blame on a poor man and he is safe now. There Arto catches Akash outside the house and is about to ask him why he did this to Patience but his family comes to Arto and Imlie. They inform them that Dhairya asked Rana to move out of the house and they hear cracking noises from inside. Rana is shocked to see Dhairya breaking things in the house. He tells his friend Monty that he is not here to steal anything but he is breaking things like Akash did.

Arto calms down and Patience opens the door. Arto attacks her for making a scene. He says that Devika cried because of him and he did not spare her for this. Dhairya says that just because he is poor doesn’t mean his mother’s tears don’t matter. Dhairya and Arto get into a fight but Imlie stops them. Arto says he could have apologized to Dhirya but the way he took revenge is wrong. Akash accuses Dhairya of cheating. Dhairya apologizes to Rudra for his act and says that he had to do justice to himself as Akash will not be fired as he is Rudra’s son. Dhairya says that he can even give his life for his boss Rudra but this time he knows that Akash is the real culprit. Rudra scolds Dharia that how dare she point her finger at Akash. Dhairya gives an explanation and is about to leave but Imlie says she is right.

Imlie says how she heard Akash’s conversation that Dhairya is on leave due to his mother’s illness. Arto says they also met Dhairya’s mother. Patience is innocent and Aakash is at fault. Akash says there must be misunderstanding but Arto says Imlie never gives wrong information. Dhairya gives up and Rudra slaps Akash repeatedly. Rudra says he regrets trusting his own son. He deprives Akash of all rights to his property. Akash and Kia get shocked. There Imlie recites a poem in front of Arto and the latter likes it. Imlie says she feels good that Dhairya’s innocence is proved and a poor person is punished for no reason.

Arto says he can understand. There Rudra worries about the many business deals handled by Akash. Manish says that he also trusted her but now he is regretting it. Imlie overhears and asks Rudra if he can help her. Rudra asks her to focus on her marriage with Arto as things have become better between them after such a long time. Imlie thinks she knows Rudra is under stress and then she overhears Devika telling Shivani about her worries about who will take charge of the business in future. Imlie says that she believes that Rudra is still capable of handling the business. There Arto remembers Imlie’s poem and takes inspiration from it to write his rap song. He is about to show it to Imlie and she says she wants to talk to him about something important. She says that Rudra took care of her and did many things for her, so it is Arto’s duty to help him in his business. She can understand Arto’s dreams and aspirations but Rudra is dealing with his business issue alone so Arto should fulfill the responsibility of a son by helping him at least for a few days. Arto says he was never interested but Imlie urges him to reconsider his decision.

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