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International tiger day speech and Theme in English 2022

International tiger day was first celebrated in 2010 after it was discovered that there were only 3,000 wild tigers left. Therefore, International Tiger Day was observed to stop the numbers from deteriorating.

Some of the factors responsible for the declining numbers were habitat loss, climate change, hunting and poaching. Many international organizations like WWF, IFAW etc. have started celebrating International Tiger Day.

International Tiger Day 2022: History

  • In 1973India launched Project Tiger to revive the tiger population.
  • In 2010, 13 tiger range countries committed to TX2 to double wild tiger numbers by 2022.
  • In 2017, IUCN recognized the continental tiger and the Sunda island tiger as tiger subspecies.
  • In 2022, The WWF aims to double the number of wild tigers in 2022.

If we talk about some important milestones with respect to International Tiger Day, they can be addressed as follows:
India launched Project Tiger to revive the tiger population in 1973.
In 2010, 13 tiger-bearing countries committed to the TX2 project to double the number of wild tigers by 2022.
Then, in 2017, the IUCN recognized Sundar Island tigers as a subspecies of tiger.
Finally, in 2022, WWF aims to double the number of wild tigers by the end of that year.

International Tiger Day 2022: Theme

This year’s theme for International Tiger Day 2022 is “India launches Project Tiger to revive the tiger population”. Adopting a tiger might do wonders for the WWF and the work it does.

International Tiger Day speech in English

India’s contribution to International Tiger Day: India is home to more than half of the world’s total number of tigers. There are nearly 2,226 tigers living in the country. To increase this number, various organizations organize weekly celebrations to raise awareness about tiger conservation. It also works to create a stronger bond between wildlife and people.

A thumbs up for tiger campaign was organized across Satpuda Maikal, Sunderbans, Terai Arc, Western Ghats Nilgiris and West India Tiger Landscapes. Nearly 4,000 individuals of all ages showed their support and determination to double the number of wild tigers.

Tigers are a species full of mysteries. There are some amazing facts surrounding the majestic and chivalrous tiger. A tiger’s roar can be heard two miles away. Additionally, it can move at a speed of 40 mph. The average tiger weighs 365 kg and up to 70% of the world’s wild tiger population lives in India.

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