Safe & Nutritious Food at Home


An Initiatives to provide Training and certification to Food Handlers to ensure food safety in Indian Railway.

To provide knowledge of hygiene/service, hand hygiene, proper food cooking and holding temperatures, and cross contamination to Catering services and people who prepared and serve food.

  • Creating Resources on Safe and Nutritious Food
  • Disseminating Knowledge on Safe and Nutritious Food through community outreach
  • Providing Training on Food Safety and Nutrition

Eating safe and nutritious food is our shared responsibility and it begins at home.

  • FSMS Plan for Onboard Catering Units
  • FSMS Plan for Static Catering Units
  • FSMS Plan for Petty Vending Units
  • Initiatives taken by FSSAI.
  • List of identified trainers
  • List of partners
  • List of trained and certified Food Supervisors in each Zone of Railways
  • Flyer
  • Citizen Connect

Our Partners

The project is an initiative in collaboration with Indian Railways and IRCTC and the key responsibilities have been distributed in the following manner:

  • Mobilization & Enrolment Partner- Indian Railways & IRCTC
    1. Nomination of Master Trainers from the pool of Designated Officers, Food Safety Officers and from IRCTC.
    2. To provide mobilization support (Venue & Infrastructure) for the project.
  • Training & Capacity Building Partner- FSSAI
    1. To provide training modules for the project.
    2. To provide a pool of core trainers and conduct Training of Trainers (ToT)

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