Safe & Nutritious Food at School

'Safe and Nutritious Food at School' is a nation-wide campaign to help school children inculcate the habit of eating safe and eating right. The Yellow Book, the resource book for this campaign helps children learn about safe and wholesome food in a fun, interactive way, through curricular and extra-curricular activities. It has two volumes for primary and secondary school students respectively. An excellent Teacher’s Training Manual is also available. These books and more can be downloaded from FSSAI's Citizen's Portal.
Students are the most susceptible to food-borne diseases and due to their lack of awareness, are open to experimenting with food and diet while at school. Food Funda's objective is to create continuous engagement with students, teachers & parents to make them aware about the importance of Safe & Nutritious Food. Project SNF@SCHOOL is based on a three-pronged approach, at the school, state and national level. This is being done through curricular or co-curricular activities. At school level, the culture of food safety & nutrition is to be promoted through Health and Wellness Coordinators and Health Teams. An enabling legislative and regulatory framework is being developed to promulgate this message. The success rides on every individual as a stakeholder because safe & nutritious food is not only a necessity, but a way of life & a shared responsibility.

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