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Kabzaa Movie Review: A KGF Rehash Where Men Roam Around With Beheaded Heads As Accessory

I’ll try it. Decades after independence, two sons of a dead king who fled with their mother are hiding in southern India. When they grow up, one of them is murdered and the other wanders around looking for revenge only to kill people and squirt watermelon juice out of them.

Kabzaa Movie Review: Screenplay Analysis

You know, there are movies that test your patience to the point where you want it all to end or at least burn down the theater so the misery ends once and for all – just like that. Kannada cinema has indeed found itself in a whole new light as we speak. KGF, Kantara and 777 Charlie are shining examples. While I am not a fan of starrer Yash, I agree that it brings sizzle to the screen and that makes Rocky Bhai stand out and entertain. But it’s a path carved out for the entire industry and the rest should go with a versatile product and not just end up overdoing what worked last time.

Written by M Chandramouli and R. Chandrau, Underworld Ka Kabzaa is literally a bunch of men tearing down the fabulous scene every day and making stories that will massage the ego of the evil within them. Because nothing else explains the chaos and lack of story or structure in this movie that is so hell-bent on glorifying toxicity all the time. It just tries to multiply everything that was done in the last similar franchise without any nuances.

The effort is to tell the story of a righteous and naive man who has turned into a monster that the world fears. In order to shape it, we need to explore his world, his mind and what he stood for. But instead, with lots of cuts and hammy editing, the film focuses on him shooting bullets without moving a finger.

This world claims to be a very intense scary environment where you will fear some character. But the writing never really allows for that because every single character is a spoof of every gangster you’ve ever seen in Indian cinema. They are cartoons, one note, and if that doesn’t help you throw off your plan to watch this one, one of the villains, played by Nawab Shah, has ‘cruel’ tattooed on his face under his eye. As if it wasn’t enough that he’s dressed as a drag queen on a big ship under a blazing sun, and he’s just one of the villains; the rest is even merrier.

The movie doesn’t take anything seriously other than the endless weird mustaches of many of the characters. That’s not how you guys built gangsters. The film tries to be clever by visually building an entire fictional city and the production and VFX team even delivers. But nothing is appropriate for the era. Everything is either too modern or too outdated. Plus, if you build a prison with metal gates for security and show the police securing it without knowing that their daily enemy has a helicopter to fly in, you’re kidding yourself.

Also, whoever wrote the dialogues for the Hindi dubbing must be fined heavily for using google translate. They are so wordy and so bad that half of them will make you laugh in the most serious situation. They use “Mahatvapurna” and “Copy” in the same line. what is it? Why do we watch it?

Kabzaa: Star Performance Movie Review

Each actor is told to imitate someone and it shows. There is no attempt to build a unique gangster whose story we want to follow. A common assignment for men is that they will have to go around slitting throats and chopping off heads. And the women, of which there are only two insignificant ones in this universe, are meant to serve the fragile egos of the men around them.

Kichcha Sudeep, who was used as the face for the promotion, is literally a cameo. Upendra looks like he was forced to be here. All the villains are said to be performing in their Drag Race auditions. Nothing else explains Nawab Shah’s obsession with his cleavage.

Kabzaa Movie Review: Direction, Music

The direction, or lack thereof, in Kabzaa is simply excruciating. The visuals are unnecessarily gory and loud to the point where you want it all to stop because it’s just too badly done. Creating an edgy gangster drama isn’t just about killing people as time passes and showing gallons of blood gushing from slitted throats. It’s much more than that, and directors need to know that.

The music is too loud for anyone with ears. However, the art, costume and production departments need to talk to the therapist. Why is my glass of Rasny thicker than your blood? Who decided the look of the characters and did they think it was a circus themed movie? Who supplied Shriya Saran’s extensive eye makeup in the desert where her palace literally has no tree and no connection to the outside world at all? Why did you say yes to this job?

Also, whoever decided to black out the screen every five minutes during the movie and several times during the action sequence on the editing table, please don’t even think about doing it again.

Kabzaa: The Last Word movie review

Kabzaa is a crash course in how not to make a gangster drama because everything is wrong.

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