Naagin Season 6 14th August 2022 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Mahek catching Nasika by the tail and throwing it away. She finds a red snake mark on the pillar and moves it. The door will open. Nasika saw the open door and she said I’d be there Mahek says that’s what I wanted. She remembers Urbashi saying that Shesh Naag knows that Nasika is very dangerous when she goes outside. increase.

Urvashi says that Pratha is wise and that when you enter Laal Manzar there is a snake mark on the pillar and if you move the pillar the door will open from inside and Nashika will come out. She asked her not to accidentally look into Nasika’s eyes and said you would be turned to stone.

Mahek said I turned the tables. He says that Nasika will come out. Everyone gets scared when they see Nasika. The snake lady, she says, should not look into her eyes or she will turn to stone. Pratha thinks Mahek has turned the tables, I have to save Nargin
Nasika drops Nagin. She holds Barka and drops him to the ground. She catches them one by one. Pratha asks Nasika to fight Shesh Nargin. Nasika throws her pillar. Mahek gets there and hides behind a pillar.

Pratha shoots fireballs at Nasika, but Nasika is unaffected. Mahek says what you think will give me death and I brought your death. Damyaanti asks Shesh Naag to stop Nasika. Otherwise she will kill Shesh Nargin. Shesh Naag states that the rules of Naag Lok no one can intervene in a fight between two of his Naagins.

When Nasika attacks the snake woman, Pratha saves the snake woman. She falls Pratha attacks and decapitates Nasika. She says I won’t leave you, Mahek. Mahek asks her to save herself first and shows Nasika eyes holding her head
Prata turns into stone. Mahek says I love you very much. I

made you an idol Now you crave Rishabh and your baby and I won’t let you die. She laughs out loud and applauds. It turns out to be Mahek’s dream. Everyone praises Pratha for beheading Nasika. Shesh Naag asks Pratha if he is okay. Prata says yes. Mahek says he’s done with the game and shows him the plaza with Nasika’s head. A serpent woman appears before Prata and she turns to stone. Pratha punches Mahek and throws Nasika’s head into Lal Manzar.

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Mahek tells Shesh Naag that she has won all rounds and must marry her. Pratha and Shesh Naag are shocked. Mahek believes her risky plan has failed. Pratha believes that today Shesh Naag must leave Brahmacharya and marry Mahek. Shesh Naag and Mahek facing each other
Shesh Naag gives Mahek a wreath. Prata is crying. Mahek gives her Shesh Naag a wreath. Everyone supports Shesh Nag Rani.

Mahek is happy. Shesh Naag was shocked. Mahek says that today he changed the story of Naag Lok and became Shesh Naag Rani. God’s blessings rain down on Mahek from Shivji. Prata is crying. Shesh Naag stares helplessly while Mahek stands mighty. She tells Pratha that she dreamed of you defeating me.

Shesh Naag came to her Pratha and told her that she must marry Mahek but she said she would not allow it. He says my Brahma has been canceled. He says Mahek kidnapped Shraddha. Pratha says I’m going to help her
Mahek took the avatar of Shesh Naag and sent Pratha there. She says she is now very powerful and can even take on the avatar of Shesh Nag.

Pratha comes to the place and sees Shraddha tied up. She releases them and asks them not to worry. When she turned around, she saw Urvashi, Rehaan and Ritesh pointing her guns at her. Shraddha sits down. Pratha tells Shraddha that she will save you because I am Shesh Nagin.

Shraddha becomes her Mahek and she laughs. She says I will be her Shesh Naag Rani and you have fallen into my trap. She says I used my powers to take Shesh Naag’s avatar. Urvashi says what do you think divides and rules us. She says you will die today. Pratha transforms into half Nargin and knocks Urvasi, Ritesh and Rehaan to the ground. Mahek holds her Pratha and says go and die. Urvashi asks Mahek to kill her

Mahek says goodbye, my sister. She drops the plaza on the floor. The platter falls. Mahek says Shesh Naag died today and her story is over today. they laugh Prasa is alive and smiling. Pratha turns out to be Shraddha who knows her plan and says she met Shesh Naag. She says she said she didn’t send Pratha here. She says I have come to help Pratha and she will not let her die. She says so and she dies.

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Pratha comes and sees Shraddha dead and tells Mahek that she cannot be killed, but if she moves even a little, the gun violence within the land will kill you. Urvasi asks if you can be saved, saying that you are also standing on the same land. I say. She remembers that Shraddha kept weapon power in her country
She says that you will die and your evil will die.She says that I will today kill all evil, all nakshatras, the sun, the moon and all promises.

I will take revenge on you all. Hugs Rehan with his tail. Rehaan asks her to leave him. Pratha tells Jai Borenas and kills him by hitting him with his tail. Urvashi, Mahek and Ritesh are shocked. Pratha drops Ritesh to the ground, beats him and chokes him to death. Mahek and Urvasi are shocked. Pratha then hugs Urvasi by her tail. Urvasi asks Pratha to say that I have done something wrong to you and leave her, but your heart is big and asks Mahek to do something. has come to take revenge, today Shesh Naag has come to kill you.

Mahek asks Pratha to stop saying she can’t kill Urvasi because she knows her secret with me.She says your daughter is alive. increase. prata gets emotional
Mahek says I didn’t kill your daughter in the hospital. fb appears and Mahek sees Pratha’s baby and says she looks just like Pratha, she says you will never know this secret. i won’t forgive you Kill Urvasi and you will never know her. She says your daughter is a combination of Rishabh and you. I asked the doctor to lie to you that your daughter died. Pratha asks her to say where her daughter is. Mahek said I melted when I saw your tears. she smiles.

they take her to her cave. Prata says that Rishab and my love memory will be found today. She runs into a cave and hears a baby crying. Mahek and Urvashi walk behind her. Pratha could not find her baby and suddenly the sound stopped. she is looking for a baby She asks Mahek where is my baby? You said you’d let me meet her daughter, didn’t you? Mahek asks if you think I’ll give your daughter to you so easily
At that moment a trap (a net with flowers) falls on her and she wriths in pain. Urvasi and Mahek leave. Pratha says, “Mahek, you have done wrong.

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You will be cursed by her mother, and you will be overwhelmed with suffering as I yearn for her daughter.” . She prays to Shivji and asks why he wrote her death for her when he found out about her daughter. She says where my daughter is and in what condition. She says her daughter Rishabh is alive. she feels sick

Zang tells her Mahek and Urvashi that it’s time to destroy India, tomorrow is the 75th Independence Day and something big must be done. A ministerial meeting will be held in Kedarnath tomorrow, he said. He says India’s 75th celebration is being celebrated and plans are being made for the future.

Pratha is still trapped in the net, Shiv Zi, you chose me to Shesh Nagin, I killed Asur, save me from this poisonous trap, I have to live. , I can’t leave my daughter alone with them. She faints and falls down.

Mahek tells Urvashi that he may have killed Pratha. Urvashi will tell you how to get to Kedarnath. Zan said that’s why I wanted this factory land, and the map shows that a tunnel opens on this land on the border
He tells Mahek that since Rishab’s granddaughter was a soldier, it would be easy for her to attend the celebration. He asks her to open the door. Mahek said I will be his Shesh Naag Rani and they will rule this world.

Rishab comes to the cave and sees Prata. he calls her name Pratha tells Rishabh that I could not save my daughter, there is no other way. Rishab says the road leads nowhere and asks him to get up. He says this is our country, our mother, and it doesn’t stop. He tells her to do her best and stand up. He asks her to think about her love and her daughter. He says you have to live to keep our love alive. Prata opens his eyes.

Precap: Pratha vows to punish sinners. She asks Mahek to do her justice to her as her Shesh Nag Rani. Mahek said she was stabbed and fell out of the clip before giving her pain before she died

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