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National Chocolate Covered Anything Day: Know How To Celebrate

National Chocolate Covered Anything DayKnow How To Celebrate

Chocolate, a sweet that appeals to people of all ages. And yet, how much longer can this go on? What kind of tasty treats can be made with molten chocolate? In which parts of the world do particular chocolate dishes become staples? Well, we’ll have to travel through time to find out, because we’re on the hunt for the origins of Chocolate Covered Everything Day!

History Of National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Chocolate, the dark and sweet bricks we all know and love, is even melted down and put on ice cream. When did they first start making this delicious treat? Mesoamerica is the earliest known origin of chocolate. Chocolate-based fermented drinks were being consumed as early as 1900 B.C.

Cacao seeds were once so valuable that the Aztecs used them as currency, and the people there believed that these seeds came from Quetzalcoatl, the god of wisdom. When chocolate was brought back to Europe from overseas expeditions in the sixteenth century, it was sweetened and quickly became a favourite across all of Europe, first among the affluent and then among the working classes.

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

More broadly, its use was described by Jose de Acosta, a Spanish missionary who worked in Peru and then Mexico in the late 16th century.

offensive to the senses of those who have not experienced it, resembling a foul scum or froth. Native Americans hold this beverage in such high regard that they serve it at banquets for visiting dignitaries. Spanish men and women who are used to living in Spain have an insatiable appetite for chocolate.

They claim to make a variety of it, including hot, cold, and temperate varieties that all feature heavily in that “chilli”; they also claim to make a paste out of it, which is beneficial to the digestive system and effective against catarrh.

Activities To Do On National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Donate to a neighbourhood chocolate shop.
Because of the increase in mass-produced chocolate, many no longer appreciate the complexity and finesse of the chocolate-making process. On December 16th, visit a chocolatier and try a new flavour. The chocolate made by an artist who is willing to take risks and push the envelope is likely to taste very different from the standard store-bought variety, and you may find that you prefer it.

Throw a dip-in bash
Get a group of friends together to share the cost of renting or purchasing a chocolate fondue fountain for a delicious holiday treat. At the party, stock up on the staples like fruit, cookies, and marshmallows, but also ask guests to bring something strange to try dipped in chocolate. Is that a steak, a jar of pickles, or a plate of bugs? At a chocolate-dipping party, anything goes.

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Hold a photo shoot.
A little over a week until Christmas, the house is decked out, and the relatives are all in town for a celebration; why not whip out the camera and some colourful chocolate treats? Fruits and vegetables like strawberries, bananas, kiwis, cherries, and orange slices are not only delicious but also visually appealing, so consider using them in your Christmas photographs.

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Why We Love Chocolates

The many uses of chocolate.
Have it hot or cold, melted or frozen, bitter or sweet. These are just a few examples of how chocolate can be enjoyed, but everyone seems to have a particular preference. However, this adaptability is precisely what makes chocolate such a fascinating food addition. It can add a welcome note of sweetness or bitterness to an otherwise acidic or spicy dish (like mole), or it can pair well with the salty flavours of, say, potato chips. On Chocolate Covered Anything Day, your imagination is the limit.

Health benefits of chocolate
Dark chocolate, defined as chocolate containing between 70 and 85 percent cocoa, has many beneficial health effects despite its common perception as a mere dessert. Nearly all of your recommended daily intake of manganese, nearly 90% of your copper intake, and about 67% of your iron intake can be found in just 100 grammes of dark chocolate. This December 16, when you smother an oreo in dark chocolate, you can justify your action by saying it’s good for your health.

To fall in love with chocolate is to fall in love.
Magazines often depict biting into a dark chocolate covered treat as a sensual experience, and there may be some truth to this. The chemical phenylalanine is released in the brain after eating dark chocolate, and research has shown that this has the same effect as falling in love. Perhaps that’s why some people will say or do just about anything to get their hands on a bar of chocolate.

Fun facts about National Chocolate-covered Anything Day!

  • Vegetable fats are used in compound chocolate because of the higher melting temperature they provide. That makes them less complicated to prepare and eat.
  • Real chocolate, as opposed to the fake stuff, contains cocoa butter. In spite of this, it presents more challenges in practise.
  • When real chocolate hardens, it develops a glossy sheen.
  • Compound chocolate may set with a cloudy surface, but this is due to the presence of humidity during the hardening process.
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Final Words

You can get just about anything dipped in chocolate these days, from strawberries and bananas to jalapeos and corn dogs. Day of Covered Chocolates in Honor of On Chocolate-Dipped-Anything-and-Everything Day, we take chocolate to new heights by dipping our favourite foods.

The Aztecs added chilli peppers to their hot chocolate to make it red, but is it possible to dip a whole pepper in chocolate? Maybe check the references first, but in general, yes. Celebrated with a Nationwide Chocolate Covering On Anything Day, you are free to do whatever you want. This is a free-for-all; no guidelines exist. Anything goes here. Mostly.

Imagine the plethora of tasty treats that could be deep fried. Chocolate can be used to cover even more of them. For instance, on National Chocolate-covered Anything Day, you shouldn’t deep fry an orange (trust me), but you can always dip those little mandarins in chocolate.

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