National Rum Day 2022 History, Images, Recipe

August 16th is National Rum Day. Our friends at National Today and Goslings Rum want to take this opportunity to celebrate one of our favorite drinks and share some fun facts about the history and culture surrounding this historic spirit.Rum Liquor has been a staple of the American economy almost since its inception and remains one of the most versatile spirits today.

Traditionally found in light or dark varieties, rum is used in many attractive and imaginative cocktails, punches and mixed drinks, most notably his Goslings Dark ‘nStormy®.

Since 1806, the Gosling rum-making family has been aging and blending drop by drop in their native Bermuda to supply the world with this celebrated rum. 

Their Black Seal Rum, which they have been producing since the 1850s, is the gold standard for dark rums and has won gold at the International Rum Festival three years in a row. Goslings proudly sponsors National Rum Day to promote the rich history and flavor of this historic spirit.


Some say that the early history of rum parallels that of the Americas, and that few spirits have had a major impact on the New World. Several forms of rum have existed since the 3rd century BC. Settlers began growing sugar cane in the Caribbean as early as 1700 BC. Molasses is a by-product of sugar production, and instead of wasting the excess, it’s distilled into alcohol (with a good reputation).

Originally called the ‘Killer Devil’ due to the high alcohol content and less pungent taste of molasses, the fermentation and distillation processes of molasses have become more sophisticated, making the spirit more enjoyable. The etymology of the word “rum” is still a matter of debate, but one of the most agreed upon theories is that it derives from the terms rumbuillion or rumbustion, both of which mean a break, but which was eventually shortened to It is said that it became rum.

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Rum production spread rapidly across the Caribbean to islands such as Bermuda, Nevis and Jamaica, where he became one of the most popular spirits and was also used as currency. Rum became very popular in Colonial America, eventually contributing to 80% of New England exports, and the sugar tax of the 1760s led directly to the American Revolution.

But the history of rum isn’t always rosy.

7 Summer Rum Cocktails So Good You’ll Forget You Can’t Leave Your House

hot. In most parts of the United States, mid-August lives up to its nickname, “Summer Dog Day.” When the temperature rises this much, the thermometer goes live. And for most people who haven’t been blessed with socially-distancing beach access, this August is particularly exhausting.

That’s why the great folks at Goslings, makers of the famous Black Seal and Gold Seal Bermuda rums, have compiled a list of the freshest and best rum cocktails. This big, cool drink will truly make you believe that you have set foot on the Bermuda coast from your back porch.

Rum drinks are screaming summer. In fact, a recent national poll found that 26% of Americans prefer rum cocktails when temperatures start to surge. There are several reasons for this. Perhaps it’s the history of the soul of the Caribbean, or the fact that rum, fruit and ice can make some of the most refreshing drinks on the planet.

Whatever the reason, this National Rum Day (August 16) is the perfect moment to grab a blender or cocktail shaker, fill your backyard with water and head to the island of your heart.

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Dark ‘n Stormy

Dark n’ Stormy is the godfather of summer rum cocktails. Its mysterious nature matches the simplicity of the Goslings Black Seal Rum, Goslings Stormy Ginger Beer and lime wedges. Thunder clouds should be inside the glass, not overhead this summer.

Sea Spray

Fruit, rum, and ice. Sea Spray pays tribute to the divine trinity of summer cocktails by pairing a slice of black seal rum, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice and coconut syrup in a rock glass. However, Sea Spray adds nuts from Amaretto to make this combination even better. Refreshing, stylish and smooth.

Black Beauty Mojito

You can get lost in the deepest part of this amazing cocktail. Black Beauty Mojito combines everything that makes a mojito the perfect summer drink and adds a sweet and tart blackberry flavor. What we call “Beauty” in our home is a dirty, colorful and completely refreshing reinterpretation of a beloved classic.


The Blush is the only cocktail on the list whose name is written in the past tense. In other words, it’s so delicious that you’ll unwittingly make another cocktail. A gentle blend of Goslings Gold Seal Rum, Chambord, Raspberry, lemon juice and grenadine makes a great cocktail, but adding egg whites to the shaker creates a sweet, citrusy, foamy delight.

Pina Colada

Yes, we love Pina Colada. This is a typical Irish cocktail. Light and dark rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream and ice are blended to perfectly embody the three ingredients of a summer drink.
Whether you love making love at midnight or spending time on the dunes of the headland, this is the drink you were looking for. Melt and run away.

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Lost Plane

Roast Plain is an aperitif, but a little more flamboyant. Goslings Black Seal Rum is the captain of this high-flying flight attendant, a blend of aperol, amaro nonino and lemon juice. This perfect pre-dinner drink will cool you down before dinner gets hot. Just away from the Bermuda Triangle, huh?

Espresso Martini

Not all summer rum drinks are available at the pool. Sometimes you just need a little pajamas to spend a sunny afternoon. The Espresso Martini is the perfect combination of afternoon coffee and spirits. Simply mix your espresso with Goslings Gold Seal Rum and your coffee liqueur of your choice. Add simple syrup to your taste. Demitas are not required.

August doesn’t have to be the most refreshing summer you can remember, cruising the islands on a yacht or relaxing on an exotic beach. While tanning in your backyard, keep in mind this perfect summer cocktail and the Trinity of Rum, Ice and Fruit. If you really don’t have a yacht, give us a call! We will bring the Gosling Rum.

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