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National Spoil Your Dog Day | 10 August 2022, History

We may be sick, but we love our dogs! National Spoil Your Dog Day on August 10 encourages you to buy a $25 “unbreakable” toy. Sure, dogs can be a bit needy, but we always love them when no one else seems to love us.

Dogs are funny and don’t mind when we put them on silly hats and sunglasses. Dogs happily gobble up the food we drop on the ground. They just want a warm bed, a belly rub and a walk in the park. Make Moxie feel special today – paint her nails pink!


Here are some activities that you can do on National Spoil Your Dog Day

Do the treats

What dog doesn’t like treats? But dog owners know that too much treats can be a bad thing. Break the rules on this special day and spoil your dog with as much food as you want. You can keep it healthy by adding some natural flavors like mustard, salmon skin or coconut oil. Some human foods are not good for dogs, so check with your vet before sharing.

Do some dog training

All dogs love to go for walks, but this is just one of the many things you can do on your dog’s day at the national park. Instead of walking around the block, you can interact with other dogs while taking your dog to the dog park. Some parks host dog-related activities, especially during dog festivals, or you can organize your own dog party to join your dog-loving friends. Not your scene? Take your dog to the animal shelter and let the robbery really begin!

Love your dog

Honestly, if you spend time with dogs, they don’t care what you do with them. No one knows your dog like you do, so take a moment to see your dog’s favorite things. Give your dog a big belly rub and curl up on the couch for a movie marathon. If your dog likes to run around, head down to the beach or fill the backyard kiddie pool. Regardless of what your dog likes together, you can make it happen with a little thought and sincere appreciation for what your dog adds to your life.

Reason to Love National Spoil Your Dog Day

Here are some cute and fantastic reason from which you can spoil the day or your Dog.

So much love, so little time

The sad truth about dogs is that they don’t live as long as humans. But for some reason the dog pack his life of love and lies for more than a decade. Dogs love us without question and never complain about our hours or the taste of their food. For all the love, companionship and outright adoration our dogs give us, don’t you think they deserve to be spoiled for a day?

Their faces are Cute

Whether you have a shih-tzu or a pack of lively mutts, there’s something about their doggy faces that makes your heart warm and fuzzy. Maybe it’s all the love in his big brown eyes or the funny way his ears sometimes stick out. Every dog ​​is unique, but there are little things that make your dog unique to you. Whatever you love about your dog, we love that every dog ​​has something to love.

The best excuse to spoil your dog

Okay, so most of us don’t need a reason to spoil our dogs. But dog owners know that excessive grooming can lead to health or behavioral problems. For most dog owners, it’s less about when to spoil their dog and less about spoiling them. National Dog Day is the perfect time to pamper our pets, and by covering so many things in one day, we give our dogs room to lead a more balanced lifestyle overall.


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