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Pandya Store 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with the kids getting shocked to see the lady in front of them. The lady asks them how they will run away now. Chiku and Sheesh signal to each other and make the woman fall down and then run away. The woman gets angry and says that she will take the kids with her at any cost. Here, Dev, Rishita and Prerna look for the kids. Dev takes the cycle and goes to find the kids. Rishita and Prerna support him. Chutki complains to her cousins ​​that her image is at stake because of stealing the pastries. Sheesh gets angry and scolds him. Cheeku advises him not to get into an argument. They all then see the woman and run away from there too. At the hospital, Dhara asks Gautam to file a missing children complaint at the police station. Suman asks all of them to go and find the kids and she will be with Shiva. Dhara and Raavi refuse to go with them saying that they have full faith in their family that they will find Cheeku. Raavi also says that she has faith in her family as well and they both decide to be with Shiva. Gautam and Krish leave the hospital to find the children.

Shweta asks people around her to help her find her home. She gets into an argument with a man in an inebriated state and then asks Krish to take her back home. Here the children enter the cemetery. They all hide themselves. Both the shopkeeper and the lady come to the place. They ask the kids to come out. Then both the woman and the shopkeeper argue over who should go to the cemetery to find the children. When the children make noise together, both the woman and the shopkeeper run away. The children become happy. Chutki gets sad and upset that no one recognized her as she used to work in TV serials. The rest mocks him. Mithu asks where they are now. Shesh says they all will be in one tuition center so there are lots of plus signs around them. Dev, Rishita and Prerna learn that the kids were in the cake shop so they reach there. The shopkeeper calls the children by the name of cheating. Rishita scolds him and says that the kids belong to him. The shopkeeper refuses to tell anything until the money is received. Prerna pays him. The shopkeeper tells that there are not three but four children, one of them is a girl. Rishita is relieved to know that Chutki is with her cousins. The shopkeeper tells them that the children entered the graveyard. Rishita worries but Dev tells her that the children are too young to understand where they are so they decide to go to the cemetery to find the children.

Here, the children see a man dressed as a superman enter the place and get excited thinking that he is a real superman. They all see a man in a demon costume. They get scared so go after Superman and ask his help to save them. The man who is in the superman costume takes them inside the pit he is hiding. Once another boy who is in a monster costume leaves the place. So the Gut with the kids decides to take the kids somewhere safe and get them out of the pit and then take them from the graveyard. Dhara worries that she will not be able to contact Gautam to know about the health of the children. Gautam and Krish look for the children in the graveyard. They meet a drunkard and ask him about the children. Saying this the man shows them the pit where he saw the children. Both Gautam and Krish refuse to believe. Krish then sees the footprint of the child and shows it to Gautham. They wonder where the child must have gone. Meanwhile the kids enter the place where their house is with the man who is in his Superman costume.

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