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Pandya Store 18th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with a person telling the story of superhero and demon to Gautam and Krish. Gautam asks where the kids are. Drinks. He says then I had a drink. Krish sees the footprints and says footprints have disappeared, where did the kids go. Gautam says give me the bottle, I want to drink too. Krish stops her. He asks if the kids were kidnapped. Children get tired of running. The superhero falls down. People watch and laugh. Sheesh jokes on him. Superheroes say that sometimes you have to fall to fly, that’s called a superhero. Cheeku says we heard this dialogue. The superhero tells them to run. Krish says I have earned a lot of money, everyone knows if people kidnapped children because of me. Gautam asks why did you come in the news. They run to find the children. Dev, Rishita and Prerna reach the graveyard. They kick out all the kids. Gautam says he is not here.

Krish says the man who works here said that a superhero took them. Gautam asks them to go to the police station. They hear about the child kidnapper, and rush to look. Monster stops the superhero. The kids get shocked. Superheroes and kids run. Natasha is tired. She says I can’t run anymore. The superhero runs and takes her on his shoulders. He asks them to run. Wicked woman walks in with a child. Dev and everyone stop him. They take the child from her. Dev scolds him. He gives the child to its mother. Dev calls the police. Rishita says she must have seen our kids too. She shows the picture and asks him. The woman says yes, I have seen them. She says they were inside the graveyard. They run to check the graveyard again. Raavi cries and prays for Mithu. Suman calms her down. Dhara says Pandya family is blessed when everyone is together, we can overcome any problem, nothing will happen to kids. Suman asks Dhara not to lose courage. Dhara says I’m worried for them. The superheroes and the kids sit down exhausted. Another demon arrives. They get shocked.

Doctor says Shiv is restless, his mind is not getting calm, we are scared. Raavi runs to her. Suman says she will want her family, if we go to her, she will calm down. He says you cannot meet the family. They all go inside and meet Shiva. Shiva cries remembering the past. Dhara smiled. Raavi asks what happened to him, why is he scolding Prafulla. Dhara laughs and says he is getting his memory back, he is normal now, he is fine. Doctor says I wish your faith would win, but we have to do her tests, come out.

The kids attack the monster to save them. Another demon also comes and captures the superhero. The kids run away. Superheroes fight with monsters. Cheeku gets the call. Doctor says your faith won, Shiv’s test report came normal. Dhara asks what happened to her. He says she has got a big shock, but her report will come, you can take her home. Dhara thanks them. Suman says call everyone and tell, everything will be fine. Dhara gets a call. Chiku cries. Dhara says Chiku… why are you crying, where are you, kids are with you, are they fine. He says the demon will eat us. She asks where are you. He says I don’t know, we met a superhero in the graveyard, and he is fighting with the demon, come soon. She says I am coming, don’t go anywhere. Suman asks what happened. Dhara says he was saying about the demon, someone is after the kids. Suman asks him to go and get them. Dhara leaves.

Suman says it was wrong to blame Cheeku for Chutki’s sake, I will tell her that I am her grandmother. She calls Raavi and says we will take Shiv home. The kids ask the superheroes to defeat the monster. The superhero fights them. He says stop, you made me tired, kids are crying too, leave me. The demons come forward carrying huge stones. The superhero thinks of using the kids as shields. He says that if anything happens to the children, a heavy price will have to be paid for it. Dhara calls Gautam. he is on his way. The superheroes and the kids leave in a truck. Everyone looks for children. The superhero leaves the kids. They thank the superheroes for saving them. Chiku says we came here, but I told Dhara the address of the place, I have to call her. Superhero asks for a number. Chiku tells the number. Superhero thinks oh no, this is Dhara’s number. He sees the children.

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