Children are powerful change agents. Messages delivered to, and through children, have the potential to usher in behavior change and a culture of safe and wholesome food. This is the underlying philosophy behind the SNF@SCHOOL FOOD FUNDA initiative.
     As a part of SNF@SCHOOL, initiative, FSSAI has created two life size mascots. These 2 superheroes - Master Sehat and Miss Sehat are spreading message of food safety and nutrition through entertaining yet informative skit about two children Rohan and Ria and their adventures across schools, malls & places of interests across the country.

Interested stakeholders can take up the activations (across regions) across Schools, Nutrition Clubs, RWAs, Malls and Other places of interest. Responsibilities of various stakeholders may include:



Civil Society Organisations/ Industry Associations/ Corporates under CSR/ Voluntary initiatives

  • Take up overall implementation of the activations or associate themselves with agencies involved in project implementation

  • Identify financial and human resources

  • Monitor and review project implementation.

  • Enable school registrations on the portal post activations.

Our story so far

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