Conduct Training for Street Food Vendors

Project Clean Street Food is one of the initiatives taken up by FSSAI under a 360 degree approach to Food Safety and Healthy Nutrition. This would involve training and capacity building of the street food vendors and ensure proper regulatory oversight over them under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. Broad objectives of Project Clean Street Food:

  • To ensure health, hygiene and safety standard of street food for all consumers

  • To ensure social and economic upliftment of street vendor community by helping them in improving quality of offerings thereby attracting more customers

  • To enhance the popularity of Street food by transforming it into a global brand by itself.

Project will be taken up by Implementation Partner (IP). IP shall be State/Municipal Authority, Panchayat, Civil Society Organisations, Peer leaders among street vendors, Corporate or any other entity who takes up the ownership of project implementation. IP may provide both Human resources (trainers, mobilizers) and financial resources required for the project on its own; or may involve other entities responsible for providing either of the resources. Responsibilities of various stakeholders may include:

States/municipal bodies

  • Convene and coordinate overall implementation of the project

  • Identify financial and human resources

  • Coordinate between the stakeholders acting as training providers, funding agencies and others involved in the project.

  • Conduct training of trainers so as to develop a resource pool at local level.

  • Get training material translated into local language.

  • Monitor and review project implementation.

Civil Society Organisations/ industry associations/ Corporates

  • Take up overall implementation of the project or associate themselves with other partners involved in project implementation

  • Provide human resources (mobilizers and trainers) as well as financial resources

  • Conduct training of vendors

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