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A key step towards ensuring good health among school children is to ensure that children are eating food that is safe, free from adulterants, clean and hygienic. Children must follow a healthy eating pattern by choosing nutritious food, eating a well-balanced diet, exercising daily and sleeping well.
      The first step towards following these healthy practices is providing awareness about food safety and nutrition. In this regard, FSSAI has released "The Yellow Book".
        To spread the message of food safety and good nutrition, we need leaders who can mobilize and engage people in such a way that they not only learn about good food safety and nutrition practices but also become agents of social and behavioural change. Teachers and students can take up this leadership role asHealth and Wellness Coordinators.

We have created training modules to help such leaders learn and understand how and what information should be provided in schools, educate and engage them and motivate them to adopt good practices regarding food safety and nutrition. Effective monitoring is the key to its success to evaluate the progress of each school using the evaluation criteria as per FSSAI guidelines.

Your Role:

  • You can support by printing The Yellow Books for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, as per FSSAI's CSR guidelines. To download and print these books, please click here

  • You can distribute it to various schools through your channels so that the printed copies can reach a large number of children.

  • You can also become our training partner to train Health and Wellness Coordinators through your own channels. Our training material for Health and Wellness Coordinators is available here.

  • Master trainers are required to register (click here). Upon completion of the trainings, Master trainers, Health and Wellness Coordinators willbe awarded a FSSAI certificate.

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