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A school canteen based in Agra promoting awareness and education on SNF

SNATeen is serving only fresh, healthy and non-junk food and fruits to children and whenever a child asks for any Cold Drink, Chips, Kurkure, Samosa etc, we try to educate them about the ill effects of such snacks/drinks and educate them to prefer healthy snacks/food. At Snacteen we do not keep any sweetened/aerated cold drinks/Chips/other packed salted snacks like Kurkure or Chips or Tedhe Medhe or Aloo Bhujia kind of things. Children are now slowly starting to accept fresh and healthy food being served like Idli Sambhar, Upma, Veg Biriyani, Rajma Rice, Chhole Rice, Veg Sandwiches, Poha, Fresh Fruit salad etc. In drinks, we are serving Shikanji, Badam Thandai, Mango/Banana Shakes, Packed Flavored Milk and Juices.

  • Currently running across 2 schools: Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Sr Sec School, Agra and V.S Roy School, Agra. Needless to say, we are maintaining high levels of hygiene and safety in our canteen premises.
  • Response from parents: Apart from this so far we have discussed our initiative with the parents of the children of both the schools and all of them are happy with the snacks being served.
  • Response from school management: Supporting us by not allowing any local vendors selling junk food like samosa, patties and chowmin etc to stand near school premises so that children should have only healthy food.
  • Relevant doocuments:

    Menu of the canteen price list Appreciation post by manager of Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Sr Sec School on 1st May when we launched SNACTEEN in their school.

    Key Contact: Sunil Sachdeva, Owner #9219663344

A school that is redefined to promote awareness and education around safe and healthy food habits through its facebook community

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