Training of Health and Wellness Coordinators

To spread the message of food safety and good nutrition at the workplace, we need leaders who can mobilize and engage people in such a way that they not only learn about good food safety and nutrition practices but also become agents of social and behavioural change.
        We have created a training module to help such leaders learn and understand how to reach out to people at the workplace, educate and engage them and motivate them to adopt good practices regarding food safety and nutrition.
We have conceptualized Health and Wellness Coordinators as leaders their workplaces, engaging and educating people on good food safety and nutrition practices, directing them to resources, conducing various activities and information sessions for communities and distributing awareness material such as the Orange, Pink and DART books.



Your Role:

  • You could create your pool of Master Trainers, who would then train Health and Wellness Coordinators in various workplaces.
  • Our training material for Health and Wellness Coordinators is available here.Master Trainers are required to register here.
  • Upon completion of the trainings, Master trainers and Health and Wellness Coordinators will obtain an FSSAI certificate, which will be valid for one year and renewable, thereafter, any number of times.

States/Municipal bodies

  • Reach out to various stakeholders through Government channels
  • Coordinate between training providers, funding agencies and others involved in the project
  • Identify financial and human resources
  • Convene and coordinate overall implementation of training
  • Conduct training of trainers so as to develop a resource pool at local level.
  • Get training material translated into local/regional languages.
  • Monitor and review effectiveness of training

Civil Society Organisations/ Industry Associations/ Corporates

  • Engage workplace HR heads and administration, industry associations etc across sectors
  • Take up overall implementation and scaling up of the project or associate themselves with other partners involved in project implementation
  • Provide human resources (mobilizers and trainers) as well as financial resources
  • Conduct Training of Trainers and Health and Wellness Coordinators
  • Get training material translated into local/regional languages.
  • Conduct impact evaluation of training

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