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Tom Cruise: Top Gun Maverick box office Collection

Top Gun: The meaning of Maverick Summer obstacle. While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the number of people who go to their beloved cinemas, it is clear that many people are not looking forward to seeing this long-awaited sequel on the big screen. Top Gun’s latest numbers prove: Maverick can’t stop making money at the box office.

Tom Cruise: Top Gun Maverick box office Collection

According to Collider, Top Gun: Maverick is still flying high at the box office, and we’re only at the end of July. In its ninth weekend, the Tom Cruise movie earned $16.4 million at the international box office in 65 markets for a total of $647.1 million in the category. Most of the weekend’s international grosses came from Korea, where the film has grossed $53.3 million in five weekends.

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Elsewhere, Top Gun: Maverick had a ninth weekend, with the fighter taking in $2.4 million in Japan ($72.7 million total), $1.2 million in the UK ($91.9 million total), two in France and Australia also received $1.1 million. ($48.5 million and $58.8 million), respectively, while Germany earned $865,000 ($29.9 million total). These numbers show that the audience still can’t get enough of Top Gun.

Top Gun: Maverick has been a box office hit since its first day in theaters, thanks to its hit at Paramount. First, it was the best weekend ever for a Tom Cruise-led movie, earning $124 million. Looking at Cruise’s box office performance, Top Gun: Maverick has set Tom Cruise’s record for five consecutive decades at the box office, and Maverick is also the highest-grossing film in the country. As Maverick also crossed the $1 billion mark, this legacy has done wonders for him.

What if Top Gun: Maverick wants to see everyone? Yes, it’s been 30 years since we last saw Maverick in the sky. The first movie ended with TOPGUN trying to teach at the school where he was trained. Set in 2022, the film shows him as a trainer and still flying fighter jets. Viewers can have a great cinematic experience with Maverick and other pilots while in the field. This hot hit also touches on important themes that can resonate with a variety of viewers, such as the loss of friendship and the anxieties of our past. Fans also said Top Gun: Maverick is better than ever, and it’s rare to hear about a sequel.

Reason to Watch Top Gun

Another reason why audiences want to see Top Gun: Maverick is for its amazing cast. It is clear that Tom Cruise is reprising his role as Maverick while bringing back the Val Kilmer-starrer Iceman. Whiplash’s Miles Teller plays Maverick’s best friend Goose’s son, and Jennifer Connelly plays Maverick’s love interest. Other familiar new characters include Jon Hamm, Glen Powell and Ed Harris. With stars like that, it’s no wonder audiences flock to the cinema.

Tom Cruise Top Gun Trailer

Top Gun: Maverick is currently at $1.285 billion worldwide and isn’t stopping anytime soon. We don’t know if Top Gun 3 will happen, but Miles Teller and Tom Cruise have been talking about another Top Gun movie and financing talks coming up. Given the financial success of this highly anticipated film, I’d be surprised if the studio didn’t want the success of the film franchise to continue. You can help boost this box office by seeing Top Gun: Maverick in theaters today.

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