2022 BMW i4 M50 Features. Check out here

The 2022 BMW i4 fits right into BMW's traditional wheelhouse of making small luxury sport sedans. Except you'll find no gasoline engine.

The new i4 resembles the 4 Series Gran Coupe in its exterior styling, largely because BMW wants to keep its traditional customers interested.

It's similar in size to the Model 3 and offers similar levels of range and performance across a pair of models.

The BMW i4 is the latest all-electric sedan from BMW based on the company's 4 Series Gran Coupe.

The sportier M50 model uses dual electric motors, providing confident all-wheel-drive traction and packing a wallop of power to the tune of 536 horsepower.

The i4 M50 is both heavy and highly pressurized, but it manages to deliver a decently smooth ride thanks to a well-tuned adaptive suspension, something neither the Tesla Model 3 nor Polestar 2 offers.

The BMW i40 M50 with the optional 20-inch wheels, which is what we tested, has an official EPA-estimated range of 227 miles on a single charge. 

Recharging the BMW can be done at home or at public charging stations. At home, using Level 2 AC charging, the i4 has a charging capability of up to 11 kW.

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