Amazon announced plan to acquire iRobot, Deal worth $1.7 Billion

Amazon this morning announced plans to acquire iRobot for an all-cash deal valued at $1.7 billion.

The home robotics firm, best known for pioneering the robotic vacuum, was founded in 1990 by  MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab members Colin Angle, Rodney Brooks and Helen Greiner.

Twelve years after its founding, the company introduced the Roomba, a brand that has since become synonymous with the branding, selling more than 30 million units as of 2020.

Amazon and iRobot have had an increasingly close partnership over the past several years, through Roomba’s embrace of Alexa functionality and use of AWS servers.

The acquisition is pending the standard regulatory scrutiny. The companies will have to convince regulators — among other things– that they are maintaining the proper privacy safeguards.

Amazon’s acquisition of Ring has raised all manner of red flags for advocacy groups, and its ownership of a the world’s most popular in-home robot will almost certainly raise eyebrows.

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