New Black Adam Movie Toy Spoils Villain Backstory. Check out updates here

Black Adam is the next DC Comics live-action movie, and it’s right around the corner.

The movie will star Dwayne Johnson, finally bringing to life the anti-hero he’s always wanted to become on the big screen.

Sabbac is very similar to both Shazam and Black Adam in terms of how his powers work.

it seems the movie will be paying homage to the villain’s origin quite well.

Upon saying his name, the massive red demon is given the powers of half-a-dozen deities—including Satan himself.

There have been two people to hold this power, with the first being Freddy Freeman’s foster brother, Timothy Karnes, and the second being a New York City crime boss.

Thanks to the description on the back of a McFarlane Toys figure of Black Adam's Sabbac

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