The theme of endings is playing out rather dramatically in your life. Instead of adopting the victim narrative, zoom out of your situation.

After a period of chaos and conflict, things are finally settling down. You are able to perceive your situation from a higher perspective


Time isn’t slipping away from you, Gemini. Consciously change the given narrative. Redirect the chariot of your life towards your higher purpose.



Deep surrender is an active practice. It’s the willingness to show up every single day for who and what you are passionate about despite the awareness that life does not come with a guarantee card.

It’s a ‘count your blessings’ kind of weekend in the Leo HQ. You’re grateful for where you are and you’re grateful for where you are going from here.


It’s okay to have your guard up. We all do, every once in a while. But, is this armour you are wearing isolating rather than protecting you?


This full moon brought to light the methods that have worked for you (and will continue to) as well as the methods that have served their purpose in the story of your life.



You've been prioritising others, Scorpio. In doing so, you have been putting your own needs on the backburner.


In the past, there was a sense of urgency with the way in which you approached certain projects. You were hung up on the idea of instant results.


It’s one of those days. The timelines seem warped. Things that you haven’t actively asked for seem to be manifesting effortlessly.

Today, you’re being asked to make a list of *and* reconnect with the things that you engaged with during the pandemic. For some of you, this may be a new workout routine.


Perfection is overrated. You love what you have with them is the opportunity to grow alongside each other. The weekend sees you stepping outside of your comfort zone and saying yes to all kinds of adventures.