How to make banana bread recipe - Check out here

Here are the few simple steps to make banana bread without using an oven.

Ingredients needed –4  Bananas – 1 tbsp – Baking powder – 1/2 tsp – Baking soda – 1 1/2 cup – Wheat flour – 1/2 tsp – Baking soda – Almonds (roughly chopped) – 1 pinch – Salt – 1 tsp – Vanilla essence – 1/2 cup – Sugar

1. Take the bananas and mash them until they become a thick paste. To it, add 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence and 1/2 cup of sugar. Mix it well. Keep the bowl aside

2.Take a fresh bowl and pour 1 and a half cup wheat flour and add all the dry ingredients like baking soda, baking powder. Mix well and at the end add 2 tablespoons of roughly chopped almonds for a nutty flavour.

3.Mix all the dry and wet ingredients. Now grease the cake tin with butter and begin pouring the batter. Level it with a spatula and gently tap it so there are no air bubbles.

4.Top it off with grated almond flakes and other nuts of your choice

5.Then in a pressure cooker that is pre-heated, place the tin and cook it for a good 40-50 minutes while it releases the pressure naturally.

6.  Once in a while, insert a knife inside the cake to see if it is cooked or not. 2. If the knife comes out clean, turn off the stove and allow the cake to cool down.

7. Transfer it to a plate and serve it with a fresh cup of hot brewed coffee or tea.

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