Is bgmi Permanent banned in India? Swipe right to Check Full Information

The ban on BGMI has been one of the most discussed topics in the Indian gaming scene in recent times.

The government of India banned BGMI as a result of Section 69A of the Information Technology Law.

It is worth noting that the ban will continue to be in effect unless and until the government decides to withdraw it.

In an official statement issued by Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO of Krafton India, the company is currently in talks with the relevant authorities to resolve the issue.

The following is what he specifically stated: "There may be questions in your minds regarding the current situation about the country's most loved game – BGMI. In line with this, we have been working hard to communicate our sincerity with the concerned authorities and resolve the issues."

Keeping this in mind, we can consider that the game should be able to make a comeback. Nonetheless, if the issue is not resolved, the ban will remain and will not be revoked by the government.

Apart from all this, Sohn has also specified that the security and privacy of the users are of their utmost importance and that the game has complied with all laws and regulations in India.

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