Leahy hails passage of Inflation Reduction Act. Everything you must know

Democrats passed a major climate, health and tax bill. Here's what's in it

Senate Democrats, after weeks of negotiations to revive the core of their election-year agenda, passed a spending bill which would attempt to tackle climate change, the high cost of prescription drugs and lower the deficit by roughly $300 billion.

Late Saturday night and into Sunday morning, Senators voted on amendments to Democrats' major spending bill that tackles health care, climate and taxes

The legislation was passed through the budget reconciliation process, which means all 50 Democrats and one tie-breaker vote from Vice President Harris were needed

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Saturday that despite a few cuts from the Senate parliamentarian, the bill overall is still a legislative win for Democrats

After passage in the Senate, the House plans to take up the bill at the end of the week and then send it to President Biden for his signature.

More than $300 billion would be invested in energy and climate reform, the largest federal clean energy investment in U.S. history.

The bill has support from many environmental and climate activists but is short of the $555 billion that Democrats had originally though off

This portion of the bill takes on transportation and electricity generation, and it includes $60 billion for growing renewable energy infrastructure in manufacturing like solar panels and wind turbines.

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