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WWE Raw Results – 12/5/22 (Tag Title match, Two Women’s Triple Threats)

WWE Raw Results
December 5, 2022
Washington, D.C. (Capital One Arena)
Commentary: Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves

“Then. now. Always. Together.” The WWE video takes us to the show.

The RAW intro video plays, and we head to the Capital One Arena to see a huge fireworks display. The

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship match show is starting. The The Usos were escorted to the ring by The Bloodline’s Sami Zayn and Solo Sequoia.

Earlier today, a black SUV entered the arena. The Usos came out with Sami Zayn and Solo Sequoia. Byron Saxton was there to greet them and ask a question. Were there to ask. As Saxton is in midair, Matt Riddle scares him by riding back on his scooter. Bloodline is furious. Elias came around the corner, so Sequoia blindfolded him and threw him into the metal. Thrown into the barricade.

Jay Uso says, “Washington, DC, The Bloodline is now in your city.” Jimmy Uso says he’s got some bad news because tonight’s tag team title match has been canceled. The crowd boos. Jimmy says everyone came to see The Bloodline contest, but the bright side is that Matt Riddle will not have to be humiliated, And Ilyas can work on any song he wants. The Usos can focus on becoming the best Tag Team Champions ever. Every tag team pair in the locker room is there, and they are.

Matt Riddle’s hit music. Riddle comes out to the stage and says that it was not nice of him to take out his tag team partner. This was Elias’ first time at WWE Gold. Riddle says he didn’t think The Bloodline would last the fight. It’s not quite “the same”. Sammy Jane says, “Hold up, dog.” Zayn says he is a certified “us-ologist” and will tell her what is and what is not. Solo Sequoia is showing once again why he’s the originator… he’s so cool. The Usos are the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in history… That’s it. Paheli is out here running her mouth thinking she ever got a chance to beat The Bloodline… She’s not the same. Unless Riddle wants to suffer the same fate as his tag team partner, Zayn suggests that Riddle turn around and go home.

Paheli says that he found a tag team partner. Tonight will be the Tag Team Championship match. Paheli says she does not get along with her partner. They’re not actually brothers, but they both hate The Bloodline. Kevin Owens becomes Riddle’s tag team partner!

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship

The Usos (Jimmy & Jay Uso) (c) w/ Sami Zayn & Solo Sequoia vs. Matt Riddle & Kevin Owens

Jay Uso goes for a kick, but Kevin Owens blocks it and punches him back into the corner. Let’s kill, Owens stomps him down. Owens gets Jay to his feet, sends him into the ropes, and hits a back elbow before following up with a senton splash for a two-count. Owens puts Jay in the corner and punches him. Owens backs up and goes for a cannonball, but Jimmy Uso pulls his brother out of the ring. Owens goes outside and flattens Jimmy with a clothesline. Owens then sends Jey into cover.

-Commercial break-

We come back from the break to see that Owens is in a near fall. Moments earlier, Owens hit Jimmy with a cannonball. Owens connects with a moonshine for another near fall. Matt Riddle tags in and punches Jimmy back onto the ropes. Jimmy reverses the whip, but Riddle catches up and pins Jimmy back. Jay Uso then blinds Riddle. Jey tags in, and The Usos hit Riddle with a wishbone split. Jey grabbed Riddle’s legs and stomped on him before throwing his shirt at Owens. Jey chokes Riddle on the ropes. The referee scolds him, so Jimmy kicks Riddle in the head. Jimmy tags in and goes to the top rope. Jay hit a backbreaker, and Jimmy came off the top rope with a diving forearm for a two count. Riddle fights back, but Jimmy drops him on the floor with a devastating uppercut. Jimmy then punches Owens off the apron. Riddle quickly dominates Jimmy with a few strikes. Jey quickly tags in, and The Usos hit a big double-team spinebuster for a near fall.

Jay is healing his knees. Paheli cuts Jay’s chest, but Jay hits a big kick. Jey connects with a back suplex into a neckbreaker for a near fall.


We return from break and see Riddle hitting Jimmy with Broughton. Owens tags in and immediately goes to the top rope for a Swanton Bomb. Owens connects and covers, but Jimmy kicks out hard. Owens sizes him up and goes for a stunner, but Jimmy gets out of it. Owens blocks a superkick and boots it. Owens goes for a pop-up powerbomb, but Jimmy breaks out of it and knocks him down.

Riddle and Jey tag in. Paheli attacks Jay, but Jay soon kicks him out. Jey drops Riddle into the ropes and charges, but Riddle pulls him out of the ring with the Hurricanerana. Owens runs, but Solo Sequoia hits him in the face. Riddle eliminated Sequoia with a diving senton. Jey quickly took out Owens with a superkick. Paheli shouts at shoes J and Zain. Jimmy blind tags in. Jimmy grabs Riddle, but Riddle knocks him back. Jey superkicks Paheli. The Usos then hit the 1D for the win!

Winners by pinfall and the still Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions: The Usos The Bloodline

began viciously attacking Matt Riddle. Kevin Owens runs into the ring with a steel chair and clears. Owens chases them to the back.

Solo Sequoia attacks Riddle with a superkick in the ring. Sequoia clenches his thumb and grabs the puzzle. Sequoia joins a Samoan spike, a tribute to his uncle, the late Great Umaga, who would have turned 13 yesterday. Sequoia hits a running hip attack in the corner and goes outside. Sequoia puts a chair around Riddle’s head and puts him in the corner. Sequoia hits Riddle and a hip attack on the chair before leaving!

The EMTs run down and apply a neckbrace on Riddle.

-Commercial Break – Becky

Lynch will face Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross in a triple threat match. Asuka, Bayley and Rhea Ripley will also compete in a triple threat match. The winners of the two matches will compete next week to determine the next #1 contender for Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship.

Rhea Ripley is backstage with Judgment Day. Bayley and Asuka are not Rhea Ripley. When she ends up with Bianca Belair, Ripley says the locker room will call her “Mommy”.

Replays show a vicious attack by Solo Sequoia on Matt Riddle. Riddle was dragged out of the arena.

We go backstage to JBL’s poker invitation. Two poker tables are set up with several WWE Superstars around the tables. JBL says this is the equivalent of WrestleMania. Dexter Lumis comes in and throws away the black bag full of the money he won from The Miz last week. JBL says it is an invitation, and Lumis was not invited. Lumis throws the bag on the table, and JBL welcomes him to the tournament.

Bayley makes her way to the ring. Suddenly, Becky Lynch, coming from the middle of the crowd, interrupted her. “The Man of the People” comes out and welcomes Bailey. Bailey asks her to hurry as she has some work to do. Lynch says she wants to hold on. Bayley was the queen of the Thunderdome era. Bayley says that Lynch doesn’t care about anyone. Lynch doesn’t care about people or WWE. Bayley is looking at the big picture. Lynch looks at herself in the mirror. Bayley says that the crowd has no respect for what she is trying to do for this place.

Lynch says that the 2/3 damage CTRL is successful. Lynch sees two champions and one loser. Lynch says she hopes Bayley wins their match and they can make some history one on one… that is Bayley is woman enough to face The Man.

Lynch leaves, but Rhea Ripley’s music hits. Ripley walks over to Lynch and stares at him. They kept staring at each other for a long time. Ripley sneers at him before Lynch gets in his face and walks away. Lynch pointed right back. Ripley finally walks in and completes his entrance.

This triple threat match is up next.

-Commercial Break –

Triple Threat Match

Bayley vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Asuka

bell rings, and Asuka quickly drops Bayley. Ripley rolls up Asuka for a two count. Bayley takes Asuka down, so Ripley rolls Bayley up for a two-count. Replays toss Bayley out of the ring and hit a suplex on Asuka for a two count. Ripley clubs the back of Asuka and puts her in the corner. Ripley shoulders Asuka in the corner. Bayley goes to roll Ripley up, but Ripley doesn’t go down. Bayley avoids Ripley’s big stomp. Bayley grabs a groin, but Ripley quickly knocks her back. Bayley gets out of a slam, but Ripley soon gets her in the corner and hits some shoulder blows. Ripley connects with a vertical suplex. Ripley comes back to Asuka, still in the corner, and viciously backs her to the opposite corner. Ripley grabs Bayley and whips her hard in the corner. Ripley attacks Asuka and throws her across the ring. Ripley then grabs Bayley and throws her off as well before posing for the crowd.

Asuka attacks Ripley with some strikes and a kick that takes her to her knees. Bayley clotheslines Ripley in the back of the head, and Asuka follows with a sliding kick. Bayley and Asuka then send Ripley into the ring post shoulder-first. Bayley attacked Asuka, ending the brief partnership. Asuka knocks her back, but Bayley avoids a hip attack. Bayley pulled Asuka out of the ring, and they brawled at ringside. Ripley then wipes him out with a cannonball from the apron!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see replays pulling up Asuka. Ripley puts Asuka up, and Bayley kicks her. Ripley puts Asuka in the corner and strategizes with Bayley. Replays saw Bayley whip Asuka, but Asuka chased her out of the ring. Asuka brought down Ripley with vicious strike attacks. Ripley blocks a whip and sends him to the corner. Ripley goes for an avalanche, but Asuka avoids it. Asuka kicks Ripley and side steps Bayley. Bayley accidentally hit replays. Ripley slammed Bayley badly. Asuka goes for a jump jump to knee Ripley from the belly, but she slips and just grabs it. Asuka kicks Ripley and moves forward. Ripley slammed Asuka into Bayley. Asuka took Ripley down with a double knee facebuster for a two count.

Asuka starts kicking Bayley and Ripley in the chest. Bayley ducks one and rolls Asuka up for a two-count. Asuka blocks a kick from the belly and applies the ankle lock. Belle screams in pain and pulls herself on Ripley. Ripley head-butts her, then Asuka hits Bayley with a German suplex. Asuka quickly knocks Ripley down and hits the ropes, but Bayley pulls her out of the ring.

There is some blood on Ripley’s shoulder. Ripley argues with Bailey. Belle tries to blindside him, so Ripley grabs him by the throat. They attack each other before Asuka comes off the top rope with a double codebreaker! Asuka covers Ripley for a near fall. Asuka quickly goes over Bayley for another two count. Bayley has Asuka on the top rope, but Asuka turns her back. Asuka hits Bayley with a missile dropkick for a two count. Asuka quickly transitions into the Asuka Lock. Bayley escaped before Ripley drop kicked them both. Ripley covers Asuka for a two count.

Ripley starts hitting Asuka with a short-arm clothesline before countering Asuka into an armbar! Bayley hits an elbow drop to fall off the second rope to Asuka. Bayley attacks Asuka and hits a belly-to-belly, but Ripley breaks up the pin. Ripley hit Bayley with head butts a few times before hitting a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Ripley ducks a kick from Asuka and hits an electric chair facebuster for a near fall! Ripley can’t believe it. 

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