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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Abhinav coming home. He sees the nameplate of Sharma’s house covered with dust. He deletes it. He goes inside. Akshu and Abhir clean the house. She says I will play music. She plays a humming re… song. Akshu dances. Abhinav looks on.

Akshu asks what happened, will you not make Abhir clean the house. Abhinav says we came back, there is dust on the nameplate, there are cobwebs on the pics, jam is damaged, car is not running, I feel I have come to some other place. She says relax, this is all ours, we will make it ours, I made a mistake in making jam, one mistake in 6 years, I will not do it again, it is precious to me, you are with me, why all.

Make something like before, it can be better, we went as Akshara ji and Abhinav ji, we came back as Akshara and Abhinav, it is better. Abhir shouts rat. They ask where it is. Abhir says in my stomach. She says today we will have pizza, Abhinav will take us out. Abhinav says I have to fix the car. Abhi says you can take us along. Abhinav says the car is not starting, I will fix it and get pizza. He leaves. Abhi asks what happened to her.

Abhi remembers Akshu’s words. He cries. Aarohi says something is not right, and talks to her. Shefali goes to Abhi. She gives him a glass of turmeric milk. He thanked her. He says she was right, I loved her but I forgot to respect her, it means you understand that person and let her decide, trust her, I knew she would. Selfless, yet I could not understand his decision. He cries.

He says he got me Dr. Introduced to Abhimanyu Birla I have half ego and half anger I didn’t think about Akshu I lost my kids she was his mother too I could see my pain and not her tears it’s hard myself It’s easy to show mirror and blame others, I did that, I didn’t think she loved Neil that much, Neil was like her first child, what would she be doing, they went to save someone’s life and honor I didn’t see that time, I scolded him, today I can see and I am ashamed. Shefali cries.

He says just think how I made her feel, so much happened to her, what I did, I blamed her, I stopped talking to her, I didn’t take her calls and today I made a big mistake. She asks what did you do. He says I have broken the limits of relations, I told a husband that I love his wife and I told a married woman to marry me, I told Abhinav that Akshu is mine and I gave Akshu everything.

Leaving something asked me to come back. I felt my eyes. I don’t know the meaning of love. I am so ashamed I feel every breath will be a punishment. Abhimanyu doesn’t come out of the maze. Can I come out? Akshu sits to study. She watches the time. She says Abhinav did not come. She calls him.

Abhinav drinks tea at a tea stall. Akshu comes and asks if his tea is better than the one made by me. He says no, you were studying, I didn’t want to disturb you. She says you should have helped me. He thinks she is trying too hard for herself and me, but how easy this relationship was. She says come and help me. They say that I am not fit for such a big responsibility.

She says you say we should not keep anything in heart, say you will like it. He says nothing, we will go home. She says I can’t see you in tension, tell me the matter. Abhi comes to Aarohi. She says you should rest. He says that this matter is a small ghost. She asks him to say. He said the truth, I went to meet Akshu and confessed that I love him, I asked him to come back to me, I didn’t think about Ruhi. She wakes up. He says Akshu made me realize that I love him but I didn’t respect him, I am doing the same with him, Abhinav and everyone, I don’t want to make more mistakes. Abhinav asks why are you doing this. Akshu asks what.

He says you are working hard to make the house as before, focus on the exam. She says because that is my house and you are my husband.

He says husband of name only, you have done me a husband of favors. Abhi says I divorced Akshu and asked her to leave, she left and I could not go anywhere, time had stopped for me, when I saw her here, I felt time is running, my Feelings came out like a storm, I thought it was crazy love, I was wrong, I had to let it go, I’m stupid, selfish and broken, I could never love someone, I promise I’ll love you I will give respect in our relationship, I can’t fall down, I want to be better, It was my decision to tell the truth, It’s your decision to accept me or not, Think for yourself, Ruhi, Maa or not for me, are you like this Want to get engaged to the person or not.

He leaves. Abhinav says you are doing this because you think I have done a favor, so you are doing a duty by supporting me, if relations are good then efforts work, if relations are true then efforts pay off. It is not necessary, I saw you at that time, you did not try Abhi’s accident, that relationship is true, not ours, I am a small man and cannot give a big love story.

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